Mario Kart 64:The Review


Well, you must have played Mario Kart on the snes. Well, this is the same type of game but it's just in 3d :) Anyway the game is quite cool and it is fun(though rather easy to beat). It would keep you sitting for about umm... 2 and a half hours and no more but it's fun while you're there!


The graphics in Mario Kart 64 are good. But they could have been better considering the power of the N64 in graphics. But they just didn't put enough effort into it ;). Anyway the graphics are ok and it's fun playing the game there are lot's of great characters. The great part is that in the Royal Raceway(one of the tracks) you get to see the castle on the side near one of the turns(RIGHT OUT OF MARIO64!). And even when you recieve the awards there is the castle.(without the waterfall... they forgot to make it I think...) The game is mostly to do with all the famous Nintendo Characters like Donkey Kong,Mario,Luigi,Bowser,Princess,toad and others. Something like Mario Party 1 & 2.


The Audio in mario kart 64 skips Very little(not noticeable) on Nemu 0.7a . The tracks are not very good but the stuff some of the characters say are cool.

Gameplay 6/10

The game is rather easy and I think most people will have almost no trouble in getting the first cup. Since the game is mostly for kids. But it is nice to play it and I seem to keep going back again and again to the game though there is not much to play (still I feel it's GREAT!)


Mario Kart 64 on the N64


Well Mario Kart 64 is a game which is worth your while. You can really play it and have some fun with it. The game is GREAT overall though it could have been better but then that's not gonna stop you from playing it is it? Go get it.Have fun with that game!

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