Mario64 Review


Mario 64 is a game which works best on UltraHLE and Corn. Well, Mario64 was one of the first titles to run on UltraHLE and of course all the upcoming emu's use it for testing. Mario64 , in my opinion is a great game. It is highly addictive and enjoyable. I still remember the good old days with the NES when Mario used to be that little guy jumping around and taking mushrooms. Mario has come a long way and has progressed a lot he has come from an 8bit processor to a 64bit processor. Anyway Mario64 has really good tracks like the one on the main page of this site. That is from the first level Bom-omb Battlefield. Anyway the emulated sound and graphics speed is BEST in corn since corn still uses quite a lot of static re-compilation and little of HLE. The game is really cool and the storyline is the same as the other mario games. Bowser takes away the princess and you have to rescue her to do this you have to get quite a few power stars and all. For the average N64 games mario64 is quite a challenging game. It features some great moves on behalf of Mario like the long-jump and the triple jump or whatever it's called. Anyway the game has really good graphics. And is fun to play.


The graphics in the game itself are really impressive and they're cool. Mario looks really good. And of course UltraHLE does a GREAT job of emulating the game. There are absolutely NO graphics glitches in UltraHLE. In corn graphics are really awesome and the frame rate without sound goes upto 67FPS on my system almost impossible to play. There are a few glitches with graphics on my system eg. Mario's eyes seem to be missing,but apart from that the graphics are GREAT!!.

Sound:8/10 for UltraHLE, 10/10 For Corn"

Sound in Mario64 is really cool.The tracks are great. There is a little bit of sound skipping in UltraHLE but sometimes that get's quite a lot and it sounds quite irritating. In corn sound is a perfect N64 reproduction. It sounds perfect. And is very enjoyable to listen to. Only disadvantage for me is that the eyes are not there. :)


The game Mario64 is Very playable and has very good control. Mario is very responsive and can easily be controlled. I think this is so because of the Complex moves which he has to perform to achieve certain criteria.

Screen Shots

In UltraHLE


Overall Mario must get a 10/10 because mario is a really cool game. Loads of fun. Very enjoyable and VERY addictive(seriously,you can't stop till you collect 120stars!!_ If you don't have Mario 64 then you've been living in thee Dark ages.Go and get it right now from the Roms section and have fun!!

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