Harvest Moon 64 Review


HM64 is one game that I have had the most fun ever playing. Once you start playing, you don't want to stop. The game begins as give a name to your self, farm, and dog. Before I go any deeper in the game, I should tell you that this game is a farming/life simulator. That's right. Not only do you keep a farm running but you can have a life. Meed women, town festivals, and if your lucky, have a baby. Every morning of a new game, you should tend to your animals. You can have sheep, cows, and chickens. You feed them and brush them. Next you will have to work on your crops. You can plant, corn, egg plant, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, flowers, and some grass. You should water the crops each day except for the grass which doesn't need water. Once your done with crops, you should feed your dog and if you get a horse which you should, brush and ride it. If you have time in the day you can go into town and talk to the ladies and any other people in the town. You do this everyday. Now that might not sound like fun but believe me , it is so much fun. Some days of the month, the town will hold festivals that you can attend. Win the festival and you can get certain prizes. Now you will most likely take a liking to one of the towns ladies. You bring her gifts and talk to her everyday. Do this and once you get the girls heart in the red, you can marry her. Once you are married, your wife will do certain chores around the farm. If you keep on pleasing your wife, you will have a baby. The game is highly addictive and I recommend it to everyone.


The graphic in HM64 look like an updated SNES graphics. I not saying this is bad in anyway, it's just that the game doesn't in anyway stress the power of the N64. The graphic do fit the game fine, I just wish they would of used polygons. Also the game is views from an isometric views so you can only see thing from up top.


In HM64, each season has it's own music. It fits the season right. It would be better if it had a little bit of variety. The song just keeps on playing round and round every day of that season. It can sometimes get annoying.


The controls in HM64 work as they should. Only sometimes because of the isomectric view, you can sometime water of cut the wrong crop. Also it can be difficult to aim you character to face a certain direction. Other than that, it is fine.

Screen Shot

In Nemu 0.7a


Overall HM64 is a very enjoyable game that lot of people will like. Some might not take a liking to farming in a game, but if you give it a chance, it is fun. Problems like simple graphic and music hurt this title but it is still a great game.

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