Smartjoy FRAG Review
By MasJ


The Smartjoy FRAG is a device which allows you to connect your keyboard and mouse to the PS2 so that you can enjoy your PS2 FPS's the way they're meant to be played! It has long been a failure of console systems that the point and shoot capabilities of personal computers don't apply to console FPS titles. FRAG is a device which is ready to change that, and it sure does pack a punch!

First Impressions:

The Smartjoy FRAG came smartly packed with a transparent cover which allows one to view what the actual product looks like. Infact, the product itself is pretty snazzy to look at. The casing of the Smartjoy FRAG is tranlucent blue. You can see the circuitry inside which looks very cool and geeky.

Upon opening I discovered a few things. A Smartjoy FRAG Quickstart guide which quickly walks you through different game setups which the Smartjoy comes pre-programmed with. A Smartjoy Family brochure which tells you about the different products that Smartjoy offers. And ofcourse, the actual Smartjoy FRAG device.


Alright, lets start with the first problem that I faced. The Smartjoy FRAG doesn't fit into the PS2 Slimline (PSTwo) controller slot. Infact, a lot of peripherals which were designed for the original PS2 do not fit into the PSTwo (Multitap comes to mind). Due to the this, I had to use the Smartjoy with an extension cable.

Now, once the Smartjoy was plugged in alongwith my Keyboard and Mouse (It uses PS/2 ports for both), I powered up the PSTwo with my copy of Half Life. (Which is, an awesome game :)).

The Smartjoy FRAG is an amazing little device which comes pre-programmed for different games. Each of the configurations is given in the Quickstart Guide which is included. Apart from this, you can also program the keyboard yourself to map certain keys to certain buttons on the controller. You can quickly switch between pre-programmed and custom configurations using the Function Keys on the keyboard. You can refer to the mapping booklet (Game Presets Guide) provided for the mappings of the pre-programmed configurations.

You can also adjust the controller sensitivity and deadzone to suit your needs. This ofcourse gets rid of the well known problem of different FPS's having different mouse look speeds. And ofcourse if things go wrong (as they sometimes can..) there is also a provision to reset the Smartjoy FRAG back to factory configuration.


The Smartjoy FRAG response is as good as using a regular controller. You will experience NO lag with mouse movements and keyboard keypresses. The movement of the mouse is as natural as using a normal mouse with a PC based FPS. Keep in mind that your game title doesn't even have to support a mouse. The Smartjoy FRAG mimmicks the use of the rotation of the analog stick to coincide with mouse movements. Pretty nifty!


Well, apart from the fact that it takes a bit of effort to get the Smartjoy FRAG working on the PSTwo, this is an EXCELLENT product. The build quality is excellent, it'll last you for a few years of rough use at least. The response times are great and you can use your regular PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse with this device.

So if you're looking for a product that'll let you truly enjoy some of the great FPS titles on the PS2, this should definitely be your product of choice! The price is just right ($19.90), and if you order from Lik-Sang, they'll ship it to you within 24 hours. You could start fragging comfortably within a day or two depending on your mode of shipping.

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