Game Review: Banjo Kazooie

Introduction: Banjo Kazooie was one of the biggest hits on the N64. This game has everything a game needs! The graphics are awesome, the sound is great and also, in it's way. The N64 could always handle alot of different views and this game is one using that ability to the maximum. It rocks!

Review: Well, this game utilizes the N64's graphics engine like hell. It really torchures it. Touch the console while playing and you will find that its hot. Well, enough of that. This game uses Hi-Res graphics that help it in producing the great detail. You can actually see each straw of hay in a hay-stack and the clothes which Banjo wears are clearly visible. Well done RARE!

The sound in Banjo-Kazooie is good. Banjo's voice is very well recorded and it comes through crystal clear. The music deserves credit since it is just right and the volume is right too!!!

The game is rather complex in terms of control, (of course on a console with so many buttons developers would want to use all of them) but two hours of play should get you used to it. The controller sensitivity is very high so controlling Banjo is a cinch.


The game is good as a whole. It has smooth graphics, great music and voice-overs, great controller sensitivity, and great gameplay! Best of all, it's available in the N64 roms section right now! So go get it.

Conclusion: Because of the success of Banjo-Kazooie, everyone is anticipating Banjo-Tooie with great anxiety. It's coming out sometime this year and WE SHALL have the ROM!
P.S: Banko-Kazooie playable on UltraHLE

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 to 5.0)
Gameplay: 5.0 Lots of controls but fairly easy to adjust to.
Graphics: 4.5 Really makes use of the N64 engine. Very smooth.
Sound: 4.5 Excellent voice-overs and music. Just the right volume balance for fx and music.
Overall: 5.0 The game is good as a whole. Smooth graphics, great sound, great controller sensitivity, and alot of fun.

Written by MasJ


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