Game Review: 1080 Snowboarding

Geek Specs:

Title: 1080 Snowboarding
Platform: Nintendo 64
Genre: Sport
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release: April 1, 1998

Introduction: Is the weather like shit? Take an indy nosebone in your own livingroom! 1080 Snowboarding is a really good snowboarding game, and you just have to have it for your collection. The graphics are good, good gameplay, and good sounds. You can choose many different race types, like Time Attack, Trick Attack or Match Race. In Match Race, you'll have to beat your opponent. You go through all the levels, and if you beat all of them, you win. In trick attack, you can choose what level you would like to try. You'll have to do tricks, and get good scores. In Time attack, try to get a good time in a level. Simple enough.

Review: This is the best sport game I know for the N64 (I think it's the only snowboarding game, except the Snowboard Kids games), and have got really good graphics and sound and... stuff. You can get up to 8 different characters (three of them are bonus characters), all of them with different stats. You can choose a board too, I can't remember how many you can choose from right now... about 15 I think (one of them is a bonus board). So, If you would like to have this game, get it. That's easy, just download a rom and an emulator from this page, and you're done. In match race, you have to be faster than your opponent. You must find the hidden shortcuts, and have a good character (I suggest Rob Haywood or Dian Blaster and a Tahoe 151 board), and in trick attack, you must have the best jumper (I'd say Ricky Winterborn or Kensuke Kimachi and a Scout LTD 162 board). So, go get the game! One thing is bad about the game; The 2 player game. The split-screen could have been better, and when you see your opponent on your own side of the screen, he hasn't got any details like a face. His colors haven't got good shading either.

Conclusion: This is a very great game for the Nintendo 64. There is a big bug in the game, but I won't tell it to you ;) Try to get all the characters, and try to get good scores. If you like Sport games, this is the game for you. It's realistic, and it's fun. It's fast, and the steering is good. A pretty great game, if you ask me.

Ratings: (scale of 0.0 - 5.0)

Gameplay: 4.5 Graphics: 3.5
In this game, you'll have to be fast. Real fast. You'll have to be good to beat the expert mode in Match race, and you'll have to be good to score more than 50.000 in the half pipe. So, be fast and don't think too much. Look for shortcuts, and try to find the fastest ways. Remember, always when you jump, try to land perfectly. The graphics are great, with nice details and... details. One thing that I was disappointed with was the split screen. It kind of stretches the whole screen, and your opponent looks blurry in some way. He hasn't got many details either. The animations are good, and the colors are great. I like them.

Sound: 5.0 Overall: 4.0
The sounds are great, when you choose a character, or he falls. They have their own voices (No shit! :), and their own personality. The music is great, with radio quality (not CD quality, because the N64 can't handle that). They are good. Well, it's a great game. Not the best game I ever played, but it's great. The controls for your character are great. Almost perfect. Some tricks are hard to take, but there is a bug with the training mode concerning tricks. I won't tell you the bug, because that would be cheating. So, you'll have to play the game. Go get it. 1080 Snowboarding doesn't have as many sick tricks as coolboarder for the PSX, but it's more realistic. Go get it (I know this is the 3rd time I've said it, but you have to get it).

Written by Iddi


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