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Retro Game of the Day Archive - May 2017

01st May 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Eternal Duelist Soul (U)(Mode7)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
The most accurate, advanced version of Duel Monsters arrives! The ultimate duel simulator based on the hit Trading Card Game and Television series! Duel against dozens of opponents from the TV show or challenge your friends. Import cards from the Official TCG to boost your deck. Complete your card collection ...

User Rating: 4.34/5.00

02nd May 2017

Summon Night - Swordcraft Story 2 (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Pontinho says:
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 is that rare example of taking an already enjoyable game and directly addressing almost every issue with it. The game is prettier, funnier and easier to control than the first game. It's easy enough that anyone can get into it, although it might lack the depth to ...

User Rating: 4.64/5.00

03rd May 2017

The Sims - Bustin Out (U)(Mode7)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

MrDanDman says:
Create and customize the appearance and personality of your Sim, then move into SimValley, the offbeat setting of the game. Make your way through the adventure, meeting odd people such as Uncle Hayseed, Olde Salty, and Mad Willy Hurtzya, but don't forget to take care of your motives, go to the bathroom, ...

User Rating: 4.26/5.00

04th May 2017

Metal Slug Advance (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

VGsuperfan says:
Metal Slug is known for explosions, exaggerated deaths, and total insanity, and Metal Slug Advance does not dissapoint. Its pretty good, even though the characters we know and love like Marco are absent in this game. Its still fun, and its worth getting!

User Rating: 4.24/5.00

05th May 2017

Metroid - Fusion (E)(FlashAdvance)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
Metroid Fusion is chronologically the last Metroid game up to date. Samus went on a mission to SR388, and got attacked by an unknown creature, wich later got the X parasite name. Samus was infected, and she nearly died. Her power suit had to be surgically removed. Then, someone suggested that they use ...

User Rating: 4.98/5.00

06th May 2017

Sonic Battle (U)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Blade Wolfe says:
This game is awesome! You first play as Sonic, an extremely powerful character, first as a tutorial. Then, you find a robot that is horrible at fighting, but can absorb enemy attacks and make it his own. He gets stronger through the game, and the bosses are very challenging, the first and only one I've ...

User Rating: 4.54/5.00

07th May 2017

Final Fantasy V Advance (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Katydid says:
A great installment in the Final Fantasy series. Since the PS version, they have tweaked the controls, but one small thing that is annoying is the name changes between the two versions (Ex. Reina in PS to Lenna in GBA). But overall, really fun to play. The job system allows for a much more personalized ...

User Rating: 4.65/5.00

08th May 2017

MegaMan Zero 4 (U)(Trashman)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Vince says:
In this final installment in the Zero series, Zero continues his fight against Dr. Weil, who aims to destroy Area Zero. New to this game is the weather system and the Z Knuckle. With the weather system, setting the weather to an unfavorable condition will get you the EX Skill from that stage. The Z Knuckle ...

User Rating: 4.61/5.00

09th May 2017

Sonic 2 Battle

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

Pontinho says:
This game is radl! It has action, adventure and a built in pet system that even has its own mini-games. The music in this game can keep me going for hours. The two player games on this game are really competitive and there is always a chance to win even if your way behind.

User Rating: 4.48/5.00

10th May 2017

Need for Speed - Undercover (Europe)


The7OfClubs says:
You must dominate all the races in the tri-city in NFS Undercover. With really awesome cars, races and more, why don't you play?! And even modes with the cops, like: escaping from the police, smash stuff so the estate pays(cost to estate) and run into police cars! Earn bounty and be the number one ...

User Rating: 4.19/5.00

11th May 2017

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
Capcom unleashes the biggest and brightest star in the Street Fighter® universe on the Game Boy® Advance system. Street Fighter Alpha 3 stars over 31 characters and is loaded with multiple modes of play, seamless animation and 3 different fighting styles for every character. Street Fighter Alpha ...

User Rating: 4.37/5.00

12th May 2017

Final Fantasy IV Advance (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

91sayhola91 says:
Fourth game of nintendo's final fantasy series. Not as memorable as other final fantasy series, but this one is good enough to be called final fantasy. All the final fantasy elements are there. Many many characters to choose from and each characters got a unique weapon that each of them can wield (not ...

User Rating: 4.57/5.00

13th May 2017

Wario Ware Inc (U)(Precision)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Pontinho says:
The most addictive game ever! I've spent hour after hour attempting to top my high scores and attempting to open up new games on the grid. This right here is simply as good as gaming gets, it's an absolute masterpiece of a game and an instant classic.

User Rating: 4.7/5.00

14th May 2017

Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters 2006 (U)(Trashman)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
The next installment in the World Championship Tournament series adds more cards and more replay value than ever before. The official software of the 2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Tournament has the most cards in any Yu-Gi-Oh! handheld game, over 2,000 to choose from. New modes will test your dueling skill with ...

User Rating: 4.45/5.00

15th May 2017

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (E)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Carlos Velázquez says:
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones, is the 8th game of the saga and the second release in Europe and America.

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

16th May 2017

SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

CheckABookout says:
The evil Sheldon J. Plankton is back with another plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula. He decides to create the Duplicatotron 3000, a machine that creates robots that serve to create havoc around Bikini Bottom. The machine actually works, but there is one problem, there are two switches on the machine, ...

User Rating: 4.71/5.00

17th May 2017

Metroid - Zero Mission (E)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid with upgraded graphics and music. The game has a map feature, wich was a much needed addition. There's even some additional story after the end of the game, and even a boss fight.

User Rating: 4.52/5.00

18th May 2017

Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (U)(Trashman)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Mystics Apprentice says:
Another excellent Super Mario game. This game is pretty much a remake of the original Super Mario Bros 3. You go through several different worlds, each world pertaining to a different climate. None of the levels are too difficult, but not overly easy either. I'd say the difficulty level is quite average. To ...

User Rating: 4.78/5.00

19th May 2017

Classic Nes - The Legend of Zelda (U)(TrashMan)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
In this classic NES game, you'll embark on a quest to find the Triforce, slay Ganon, and save Princess Zelda. The Legend of Zelda comes to the Game Boy Advance, complete with all the dungeons, puzzles, and menacing enemies from the original game. As Link, you can brandish a variety of weapons, including ...

User Rating: 4.96/5.00

20th May 2017

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (E)(Surplus)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
The world of Final Fantasy returns to Game Boy Advance. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a deeply diverse strategy and tactics game with battles, missions, swords, and magic. Players assume the role of young Marche Radiuju in the humble burg of St. Ivalice. Alone in a foreign world, Marche befriends ...

User Rating: 4.66/5.00

21st May 2017

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Masterquest

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

RicardoNaMusica says:
This game is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time. Even if I write the best adjetives trying to just begin to describe this game, I know I would fall short. This game has all the magic of the first Ocarina of Time, with the differences that the dungeons have different aspects to solve riddles, for ...

User Rating: 4.76/5.00

22nd May 2017

DragonBall Z - Supersonic Warriors (E)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
A really good fighting game for the GBA, that covers the whole story of Dragon Ball Z, and has 'what if?' scenarios for every playable character. Fights mostly take place in the air, and they're not painfully slow like in a certain other fighting game for the GBA... All charactes have three 'levels' ...

User Rating: 4.24/5.00

23rd May 2017

Harvest Moon - Boy & Girl (USA)


karlmamaradlo says:
The remake of Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and combine it with more friends. They change the story lines and make it 3D.

User Rating: 4.39/5.00

24th May 2017

Naruto - Ninja Council (U)(Trashman)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

aldisatria12 says:
In this game you can play as Naruto, Sasuke, or Kakashi. Every character has their own ability, that is very unique.

User Rating: 3.27/5.00

25th May 2017

Pokemon Sapphire (J)(GBANow)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

DeriLoko2 says:
Pokemon - Sapphire Version is a game that was developed by Game Freak Inc. and published by Nintendo. This game features the Pokemon from the first generation, the Pokemon from the second generation, and the Pokemon from the third generation. You play as either Brendan or May, wanted to be the best Pokemon ...

User Rating: 4.55/5.00

26th May 2017

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (U)(Venom)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Pontinho says:
I thought the game was too easy until I got stuck. How DO you get past that level? The game has a lot of flash, good sound effects, decent eye candy and humor.It is a game who excels at plataforming and puzzles.

User Rating: 4.5/5.00

27th May 2017

Doom (U)(Mode7)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
From the legendary game developers at id Software, comes an explosive journey into the nightmare world of DOOM™. Embark on a harrowing mission to rid of Martian Moon Base of hordes of demonic creatures. Navigate through DOOM™'s 24 maze like levels, scouring the corridors for secret areas ...

User Rating: 4.45/5.00

28th May 2017

Pikmin 2

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

The Wha!? says:
Pikmin 2 is a unique cross between Real Time Strategy and the action adventure genre. Developed by Nintendo EAD. Pikmin 2 stars a tiny middle aged alien named Captain Olimar who works for the Hoctate Freight company on planet Hoctate. After the events of the original Pikmin, Olimar returns with a bottle ...

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

29th May 2017

Advance Wars (U)(Mode7)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Pontinho says:
What's so addicting about this game is that it mimicks a game of chess. Well thought moves using a variety of units to achieve victory by either total defeat, capturing of the HQ, or some other task. Not doing anything when it's your turn is merely a part of the gameplay, and I'm surprised some ...

User Rating: 4.91/5.00

30th May 2017

Super Smash Bros. Melee (En,Ja) (v1.02)

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

ToonYoshi says:
Nintendo's all-stars are ready to battle! Let the melee begin. Super Smash Bros Melee is an 2D Fighting Game released for the GameCube in 2001, and the best selling for its console. The game has 14 starter characters and a total of 25 characters(26 with Sheik) The game has new features such as: - ...

User Rating: 4.72/5.00

31st May 2017

Donkey Kong Country (U)(Evasion)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Mystics Apprentice says:
This is one of the best games made for the Super Nintendo ever! The gameplay is awesome, and quite unexpected. It's very similar to that of super mario world or any of the super mario bros line in the way of play. The graphics are amazing, especially for a super nintendo game. The soundtrack is also ...

User Rating: 4.96/5.00

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