Required Files:

This section is dedicated to getting you comfortable with most of the files available on Emuparadise. What that means is that you won't have any trouble handling any of the files available(downloading, decompressing, archiving..) if you take a look through this section :). All the files required for making your gaming/emulation experience a smoother one have been included here. If you feel there are any files that should be on this page and are not, please let us know.


Using one of the most stable compression formats, WinRAR files are almost always without CRC errors and even if they have any errors, they can usually be corrected. By far the best and most stable compression format. A lot of files on Emuparadise are rar-ed so you should grab WinRAR to use these files. It'll also work to decompress 7z files!

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DirectX 9.0c

DirectX 9 is required for all emulators (on Windows platforms) and you can't do without it for any other games on Windows either. This is a MUST HAVE and you really can't do without it, so you gotta have it, or go without most windows based games. Just grab it and stop complaining ;).

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The most popular program for using IRC(Internet Relay Chat), most users can't do without it, and those who haven't tried it yet will soon get addicted to IRC. If you want to do everything on the planet, do it in IRC.

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This neat little program combines the features of ALL the above programs and MORE! You can login to AOL IM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, IRC and a lot more networks through just this ONE program. Get it now!

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VLC Media Player

A player that can pretty much play any kind of media you throw at it! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

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Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is free and open source. You can queue your downloads from Emuparadise and when you wake up have all your games ready to play!

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Mozilla Firefox

One of the best web browsers out there and recommended for use with Emuparadise!

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Those are all the files you require for enjoying the stuff on Emuparadise. Incase you feel there's more to this section than is already over here, please e-mail us and inform us as to what we should add over here :).




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