Why are games/files sometimes unavailable?

There are several reasons that a game may be unavailable on EmuParadise. One of the main reasons is that we received a takedown notice for the title in question. However other reasons may be that the file was reported as corrupt or that we may have a better version available.

How can I find a title that has been taken down?

If a game is taken down due to a copyright complaint, it will not be put back up. However, often these games have been re-released on a newer platform. In such cases you may be able to buy the game from Steam, Virtual Console, The App Store, or other online stores. Please support the game developers if they went through the effort to re-release the title for purchase.

But I cannot find these games for purchase in my local region

Unfortunately we are unable to help you with such cases at the moment. EmuParadise is dedicated to the archival and preservation of retro games. We encourage our users to buy games whenever available and to support the industry we all love so much.

What is your policy regarding removal of games and files?

Please refer to our DMCA / Legal information page.

For copyright issues / DMCA requests, please check our Legal / DMCA Page.
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