EP Premium Downloads (January Special):

Welcome to EmuParadise.org's premium downloads section. Here we shall be offering, for a limited time only high speed downloads of some of the most popular content on this website! We understand that our visitors take a long while to download large files from some of our servers since they're capped bandwidth-wise per user. Thus, in an effort to bring you a better experience we've created this premium download section! Premium doesn't mean you have to pay for them. They're just.. well.. special :). Oh, and by high speed, I don't mean 30kb/s or 60kb/s, I'm talking 100kb/s+ on every download!

A huge thank you to all our uploaders including but not limited to Josh & Dak'kon.
You will find some of our best content in this section available at high speeds. Each of our servers has a 100Mbps (can you say, PHAT PIPE ? :)) multiple backbone connection. Enjoy the downloads, and please do vote for emuparadise.org at the topsites since we definitely need the extra traffic!

Download List:


Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX is by far the most popular title on emuparadise.org. Infact, we have nothing else to offer that rivals the popularity of Final Fantasy IX. Thus, it is only logical that we allow our users to get this download at super high speeds. Enjoy!
Final Fantasy IX Disc 1
Final Fantasy IX Disc 2
Final Fantasy IX Disc 3
Final Fantasy IX Disc 4

Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VIII Download

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII was one of the best RPG's I've ever played. Our visitors seem to enjoy it too since the game is downloaded 500 times almost every day! It's only natural that you should be able to max out your broadband connections on this one, so here it is!
Final Fantasy VII Disc 1
Final Fantasy VII Disc 2
Final Fantasy VII Disc 3

Need For Speed (PAL) Pack!
The Need For Speed (PAL) pack is a collection of all NFS titles, from NFS I to NFS V. Each is an excellent racing game and well worthy of your time. Pump up the adrenaline with these high speed titles!

Tales of Destiny Pack!
The Tales of Destiny Pack is a collection of some of the most popular ToD games available on the PSX, GBA, and SNES! You should check it out if you like ToD or want to try it. It's only available for a limited time as a high speed download!

Q. How are you providing these high speed downloads for free ?
A. Well, we had several server moves this month. So in effect, a few of our servers were paid for, but left unused. We have excess bandwidth available on these servers so for a limited time we can offer you high speed downloads in this section.

Q. How long will these downloads be available ?
A. Since the servers are only paid for this one month period, the downloads will be online for 15 days at most. If our excess bandwidth is used up before 15 days then the downloads will be taken offline at that time. This is why I urge you to please hurry up and grab your favorite content before it's too late :).

Q. Wow, the speed is excellent, why don't you use these servers for your regular downloads ?
A. Like I said earlier, these servers have premium bandwidth (100Mbps, multi-homed..) and come at a premium price. We cannot afford such servers for our downloads on a regular basis. You can help us get such servers in the future by supporting the site everytime you download something (voting, buying stuff from our sponsors, etc.).

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