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Comic Cover Page:

Sonic - The Comic Issue No. 041 Comic cover page

Comic Info Tag (tag.txt):

Title:		Sonic The Comic #41
Type:		Regular Series
Date:		23rd December 1994
Published By:	Fleetway Editions Ltd.
Scanned By:	Ezekiel & Pennywise

Managing Editor: Richard Burton
Editor: Deborah Tate
Designer: Gary Knight
Assistant Editor: Audrey Wong
Publisher: Rob McMenemy


Page 1
 Artist: Carl Flint

Page 2
 Control Zone

Page 3-9
 Sonic the Hedgehog - Ice Cap Attack (Part1)
	Script: Lew Stringer
	Art: Mike Hadley/ John M Burns
	Lettering: Steve Potter

Page 10
 S.T.C. Festive Pin-up

Page 11
 Review Zone

Page 12-16
 Streets of Rage - The Only Game in Town (Part1)
	Script: Nigel Kitching
	Art: Peter Richardson
	Lettering: Tom Frame

Page 17
 The Mobius Factor

Page 18-21
	Script: Carl Flint
	Art: Nigel Kitching
	Lettering: Tom Frame

Page 22-23
 Streets of Rage - Battle Wagon

Page 24-28
 Knuckles - Carnival Night Conspiracy (Part3)
	Script: Nigel Kitching
	Art: Richard Elson
	Lettering: Elitta Fell

Page 29-30
 News Zone
	Newshound: Chris Jones

Page 31-35
 Amy - In Good Hands
	Script: Lew Stringer
	Art: Roberto Corona & John M. Burns
	Lettering: Steve Potter

Page 36-37
 Q Zone
	Game Guru: David Gibbon

Page 38-41
 Marko's Magic Football (Part1)
	Script: Lew Stringer
	Art: Gary Andrews
	Lettering: Elitta Fell

Page 42

Page 43
 Next Issue

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