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Comic Cover Page:

Sonic - The Comic Issue No. 004 Comic cover page

Comic Info Tag (tag.txt):

Title:		Sonic The Comic #4
Type:		Regular Series
Date:		10th July 1993
Published By:	Fleetway Editions Ltd.
Scanned By:	Ezekiel

Editor: Richard Burton
Design: Clare Gillmore
Publisher: Chris Power


Page 1
 Cover - Shinobi
 Artist: Jon Haward

Page 2
 Control Zone

Page 3-9
 Sonic the Hedgehog - Day of the Badniks
	Script: Nigel Kitching
	Art: Ed Hillyer
	Lettering: Elitta Fell

Page 10-11
 Review Zone
	Reviewer: Tony Takoushi

Page 12-16
 Shinobi - The Fear Pavilion (Part4)
	Script: Alan McKenzie
	Art: Jon Haward
	Lettering: Ellie de Ville

Page 17-18
 News Zone

Page 19
 Graphics Zone

Page 20-24
 Golden Axe - Citadel of Dead Souls (Part4)
	Script: Mark Eyles
	Art: Mike White
	Lettering: Richard Bird

Page 25-26
 Q Zone Special

Page 27-30
 Wonder Boy in Demon World (Part3)
	Script: Mark Eyles
	Art: M. DJ. Boyann
	Lettering: Steve Potter

Page 31

Page 32
 Next Issue

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