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Sonic - Archie Adventure Series (Special) 2000a Scan

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Comic Cover Page:

Sonic - Archie Adventure Series (Special) 2000a  Comic cover page

Comic Info Tag (tag.txt):

Title:		Sonic Super Special #12
Type:		Super Special
Date:		June 1999
Published By:	Archie Comics
Scanned By:	Veder Juda
                Butt-Ugly Rat Productions

Editor: J. F. Gabrie
Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater


Art: Patrick Spaziante & Harvey Mercadoocasio 

Page 3-16
Turnabout Heroes
Writer: Ken Penders & Karl Bollers
Pencil: James Fry
Ink: Andrew Pepoy
Color: Josh & Aimee Ray
Letter: Jeff Powell

Page 17-40
Zone Wars: Giant Robotno
Writer: Dan Slott & Karl Bollers
Pencil: James Fry & Nelson Ribeiro
Ink: Jim Amash
Color: Josh & Aimee Ray
Letter: Vickie Williams

Page 41
Sonic Grams

Page 42
Sonic Super Special #13 preview

The comic ends pretty abruptly with out any letters or fan art or anything at the end, nor is there room for the end notes that were supposed to be tacked on to "Zone Wars: Giant Robotno". For completeness sake, I have written this quick legend to go along with it; although, for the life of me I can't find #1. If someone has a copy with marker #1 in it, or they see where I missed it, please tell me so I can complete this thing.

 1: ?
 2: See Sonic Super Special #8 or #10
 3: "Dis" - short for "disrespect"
 4: See Sonic Super Special #10
 5: See Sonic Super Special #8
 6: "Overlanders" - Mobian term for humans
 7: "Fallout" - leftover radiation that "falls" from the sky after a nuclear explosion
 8: "Unprecedented" - something that was never seen before
 9: "Irradiated" - exposed to radiation or radioactive energy
10: "Automatons" - self-running machines, robots

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