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Sonic - Archie Adventure Series (Special) 1999a Scan

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Sonic - Archie Adventure Series (Special) 1999a Scan Size: 12M
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Comic Cover Page:

Sonic - Archie Adventure Series (Special) 1999a  Comic cover page

Comic Info Tag (tag.txt):

Title:		Sonic Super Special #9
Type:		Super Special
Date:		March 1999
Published By:	Archie Comics
Scanned By:	Veder Juda
                Butt-Ugly Rat Productions

Editor: Justin F. Gabrie
Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater


Art: Patrick Spaziante & Harvey Mercadoocasio 

Page 3-18
Zoneward Bound
Writer: Michael Gallagher
Artist: Sam Maxwell & Harvey Mercadoocasio
Colors: Joshua D. & Aimee R. Ray
Letter: Vicke Williams

Page 19,22
Sonic Grams

Page 20-21
Pin Up: Sam Maxwell & Harvey Marcadoocasio

Page 23-31
My Secret Guardian
Writer: Michael Gallagher
Artist: Manny Galan & Jim Amash
Colors: Joshua D. & Aimee R. Ray
Letter: Vicke Williams

Page 32-42
Eve of Destruction
Writer: Michael Gallagher
Artist: Art Mawhinney & Rich Koslowski
Colors: Barry Grossman, Joshua D. & Aimee R. Ray
Letter: Vicke Williams

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