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FastBoot - Makes DC games selfboot


If you have a downloaded game that when you load into your DreamCast or emulator that doesn't play--instead you get the screen that comes up when you put in a music CD, then you've got a game that isn't selfboot. You could use the Utopia bootdisc to play the game, or you can try to make it selfboot with FastBoot. Just follow the instructions in the included readme file. [B]WARNING:[/B] You should only use FastBoot though if the game doesn't have any audio tracks before the data track. Otherwise the first audio track will get deleted, and you won't hear that track when you play. To see if the game has any audio tracks, load it into IsoBuster and it'll show you the number of tracks. Credit to [B]Myst[/B] for first sharing this here, and writing the included readme file.

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FastBoot - Makes DC games selfboot
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