#emuparadise - Java Chat Applet

You will need a browser with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Support.
Please grant permission for execution when asked.


  • This Applet will let you connect to our chat on irc.p2p-network.net in the channel #emuparadise
  • To connect, just type your nickname in the Nickname field and click on Connect!
  • We also provide rom downloads in our channel so you're interested, you'll have to use mIRC.
  • For help on using mIRC, just read our IRC Faq, you will be guided step-by-step.
  • This Applet is ONLY for chat, you cannot use it for downloading, no use trying.
  • Have fun chatting, stick around and idle in our channel :)
  • For people who are experienced with using IRC, here are our details:
    Server: irc.p2p-network.net
    Port : 6667-7000
    Channel: #emuparadise

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