What are Glide Wrappers?

Glide wrappers are nifty little proggies which fool your applications and games into thinking that a 3dfx(glide card) is installed in your system. :)

How do I use them?

Glide wrappers consist of a file names glide2x.dll (the basic voodoo file). Copy this file into your windows system directory.Some of these come with a configurator file also. Copy this file into any directory and then run it to configure the wrapper. Have fun with UltraHLE or any other glide game you want to play.

Where do I get these Glide Wrappers?

You can get them right here at emuparadise.org in the Glide Wrappers section! :). Take a look around, we have instructions on how you can install them as well!

Well, there's so many of them down there. Hey make it easy tell me which one is best for my system?

Well, nowadays there are SO MANY systems with different configurations that it's really hard to tell which one will work best on a particular system. The best solution is to download one and see how it performs.Or try another one. That way you'll get the best one.

Hey comeon now, you're pulling my leg.I don't believe in these and ofcourse I'm sure they're illegal!

I myself have an Intel i740 card but I use these wrappers to play games(mostly clide). Anyway you are partly right. Some of these are illegal since they use glide code in them but not all of them and hey who cares about 3dfx anyway?

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