Emulators FAQ

What are Emulators?

In Layman's terms, emulators are programs that let you play games designed for a specific console on a different console. Doesn't make sense? Well, this means that, an emulator is a program that will allow you to play a NES game on your PC, or a SNES game on your dreamcast, and so on.....
Actually Emulators are of various kinds and there are lots of emulators for different systems out there. In case you are wondering, How the hell can I play SNES games on PC ? Well, you CAN and that is possible because there are lots of geniuses out there who make these emulators. This site is basically about that, we provide you with emulators for playing console games on your PC and DC. But wait, that is not all, the best part is that we ALSO provide you with the games to play using these emulators!
Pretty cool huh? Well, if you're interested and have more questions, read on...

How big are these games and emulators?

Well, the size of the emulators is pretty small, around 200kb-1MB, but the size of the games depends on the system for which those games are designed. For example, A SNES rom is usually between 500kb-6MB. On the other hand an N64 rom size ranges from 8MB to as much as 64MB. There are even larger games for PSX and DC as those are from CD's they are a maximum of 650MB in size.

What are these "roms"?

The files you use to play the games with the emulator(the games files) are called roms.

Where can I find these emulators and roms ?

You can find these games right here at Emuparadise.org. There are certain rules you must adhere to, but please read our disclaimer for that.

You don't have the rom I want. Where can I find it?

You can mail one of our staff members from the contact page requesting for the rom, alternatively, you can either post in our message board or come and request it in our chat room, we will make it available to you asap.

I want roms for N64, PSX, and Dreamcast. Older systems are so drab and boring...

First of all, older systems are NOT boring. I still want to say, that games such as Chrono Trigger can never be re-made. They are so good, even though they have inferior graphics and sound. The gameplay is what matters. Emulation is basically used to emulate older systems because the actual cartridges for those games are not available and sometimes the games look much better on PC.
If you want N64, PSX and Dreamcast Roms/Iso's then please wait until July 20th 2001, we'll have them on the site from then :)
As for SNES, NES and other roms, we have them right here on the site so don't worry about that :)

This thing called emulation. It totally ROCKS! Can you tell me the best emulator for so-and-so system?

For this sort of info, please visit our emulators section, you will find that every single emulator has been reviewed by us and we have given ratings to each of them.

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