Emuparadise.org Download Guide 3.0
By MasJ

Emuparadise.org is a site that mainly offers downloads. Some of our users at times, have problems downloading a certain file, or maybe a number of them. Now, when this happens, don't be too quick to blame the webmaster, there is a chance that the link is broken, but it could also be a problem at your end and you could do a lot to fix that!
Listed below, are some questions with their answers, that people ask us often. These questions pertain to downloading problems users might experience.

Q: When I click on the link, my browser takes me to an anti-leech page. What should I do ?
Answer: This almost always happens when you have clicked the link using "Save Target As.." or when you have tried to put the link URL into the browser location bar and then visited it. Fixing this one is quite simple, just click on the link with no added bells and whistles and things should go smoothly. Also, make sure you're clicking on it from a page which begins with http://www.emuparadise.me.

Q: After clicking on the link, it takes me to a "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" page.
Answer: This can happen for a number of reasons. Most common amongst them is that your browser isn't accessing our FTP's properly. That is why, we recommend that you use Download Accelerator to download from emuparadise.org. For more information on how to use Download Accelerator, click on DAP Guide on the left menu, this should help you download almost all files on emuparadise.org. Note: Other download managers such as FlashGet, Getright, will work just as well.
In the rare case that the downloads still don't work after you tried using DAP, do check the DAP Troubleshooting (it's in the DAP Guide..) and if it still doesn't work, email the webmaster. Most of the times we store files from the same section on the same server, so if you're downloading from the N64 section for roms that begin with the letter A, if one download doesn't work, then the whole section is probably down. Make sure you mention the roms you tried downloading in the email you send me.

Q: How do I use WinRAR to combine the multi-part files ?
Answer: WinRAR is very easy to use. After downloading the file from emuparadise's Required Files section, run WinRAR from your start menu and then open the .rar file from your downloaded files. You should now click on "Extract To", an icon on the top of the WinRAR window. Fill in the details of where you want the file(s) to be extracted to and then extract them. If you are prompted for a password, the password for all files is www.emuparadise.me, unless mentioned otherwise.
You may get a window asking to "Process all files in archive". Click this in that window and you're done!

Q: I am getting really slow speeds!!
Answer: This generally happens due to server overloads. Not because we have slow servers. At a particular time, there might be many users downloading the same file. This can really bog down the server. Your best bet in this case is to try at a different time. If the problem persists, please notify the webmaster, and do mention what speeds you're able to secure. In our opinion a 10kb/s+ download speed is decent enough for everyone, so if you're able to get that much, don't complain. :)

Q: My file ends with the extension .7z.. How am I supposed to use these ?
Answer: 7Zip is a compression format which is slightly better than Winzip and WinRAR in some respects so it is used for compression quite commonly these days, especially for larger and more voluminous files. You can "unzip" a 7zip file by downloading 7Zip from 7-Zip.org. Extraction after installation is quite simple so I'll leave that for you to figure out.

Q: My download manager says the link is broken, what can I do?
Answer: Well, you can email the webmaster about it. But if it's PSX ISO's that you are trying to download, you should most probably use an FTP Program such as CuteFTP.

Q: Why can't I download any PSX ISO's ??
Answer: Most of our PSX ISO's need FTP Programs to download. This is used as a precautionary measure to disable people from misusing the servers by splitting and getting files which creates a big bandwidth overload. All you need to do is download CuteFTP or SmartFTP (FlashFXP will also do..), and use it to download the files. More on this is in the FTP Programs FaQ, so check there for further instructions.


Q: When I click on a link to download a soundtrack, my Media Player opens up and it starts playing the track. Can't I download the files?
Answer: Well, ofcourse you can download the files! Thats what emuparadise.org is there for. This is basically a problem with your media player/internet explorer configuration. All you need to do, to fix it is: Open Internet Explorer -> Click on Media -> In the Media Bar (left side) click on Media Options -> Click Settings -> Play Web Media in the Bar. (Make sure it's deselected, no tick mark), and you're done :).

Q: Do your servers support download resuming?
Answer: Most of our servers support download resuming, however there might be some out there which do not, especially ones with high demand files which people tend to abuse and clog up bandwidth with.

Q: I have downloaded a rom, but while unzipping, it is giving me a CRC error.
Answer: While we check most of our roms for CRC errors, some might still creep in during uploading. However, you should first try downloading the file atleast twice before emailing us about a CRC error. We will work in fixing it!

Q: I love this site! How can I support it?
Answer: Not very difficult to support emuparadise.org. All you have to do is Vote for the website on the Top26 or Top50 everyday, or do a websearch for anything you like in the search box at the top. Sounds simple, but believe us, it helps the site in a big way!

Q: Your site has too many popups, can't you get rid of them?
Answer: Emuparadise.org is a large network of sites. And just incase people didn't know, it costs a LOT of money to keep such a network running with all the bandwidth requirements, etc. We don't put the popups on the site because we want to make extra money, we put the popups because we need that money to pay for the server bills. Banner sponsors just don't pay enough anymore to sustain a site such as emuparadise.org, thus the need for popups. But we try and keep them to a minimum and the least you can do for us is not use a popup blocker to kill the popups, that's the only way this site can survive.

In case you want any additions to this FAQ or have your own queries, mail me.

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