Happy Hours Information
A lot of you must be asking the same question, "What exactly are happy hours ?". Well, if this isn't your first visit to emuparadise.org, you'll know that we used to limit our download speeds to 10kb/s for each user. But now, during the happy hours, select sections of Emuparadise.org will be UNCAPPED! Here is the information you'll need to benefit from the happy hours:
  • 2am - 5am -- GoodSets Happy Hour
  • 5am - 7am -- PSX ISO's Happy Hour
  • 9am - 12pm -- SNES Roms Happy Hour
  • 3pm - 6pm -- PSX ISO's Happy Hour
  • 6pm - 9pm -- N64 Roms Happy Hour
  • 9pm - 12am -- Soundtracks Section Happy Hour
All times are in PDT.

Please note that most of these times are set so that our users can avail maximum download speeds on off peak hours, at all other times the download rates shall revert to the ones mentioned below.
  • GBA Rom Of the Day - 100kb/s
  • Goodsets - 20kb/s
  • Nintendo 64 Roms - 15kb/s
  • PSX ISO Section - 18kb/s
  • SegaCD ISO's - 30kb/s
Enjoy the Happy Hours and don't forget to vote for emuparadise.org :)

The current server time, in PDT is:

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