Clide 2.4

This wrapper is one of the best wrappers that I have tested. It gives me the best graphics quality without ANY graphic glitches other than what the emulator produces.And the frame rate is quite good too! I highly recommend that you try out this awesome wrapper!
One hitch that I found was that the frame rates did drop a bit but that must be because of some other reasons. Maybe 'cause my video card is trash. Some lighting is also a bit bad, but no missing polygons is it's strong point :)




Download this great wrapper over here.

Link : Clide 2.4
Size: 23.9K
Author: Clide Man


  1. Open the file in WinZip
  2. Unzip all the files in the zip except glide2x.dll to the UltraHLE directory
  3. Unzip Glide2x.dll to your /windows/system directory.
  4. Now run the Clide.exe file from your ultrahle directory
  5. Choose your options
  6. Run UltraHLE and play your favorite game :)

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