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Welcome to our IRC Quotes section, this is a part of the site, aimed at making you a part of the funny moments we share at our IRC channel on EMUNet. Credit for compiling this collection goes to Skinner8, who would like to say that he pwns you. :P Do take a moment to check us out on IRC. You can read the IRC FaQ to learn how to get there, or click on the Live Chat link to be taken directly there.
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(DragoN[Labtop]) @find giant penis in raffys mouth

(Gospel) i like "wanking"

(WingZer0) IT'S HERE
(HellSpawn) ..
(HellSpawn) why did people start saying thath shit?
(HellSpawn) 2 years ago
(Skinner8) ...2 years ago?
(Skinner8) It's 2004 now.
(HellSpawn) ohh yeah
(HellSpawn) 3 years ago


(WingZer0) dead or alive extreme beach vollyball can be best described in 2 words, bouncy bouncy

* Ryu spray's himself with anti Gay spray
(Ace) MysticJin: Go and suck some cock.
(MysticJin) come here and i'll give you a discount

(Banzai) Remember
(Banzai) The nest one to correct me is gay
(Banzai) next*

(Sarcast) she had a 'bucket' with Ben & Jerry's icecream
(Skinner8) ...Who?
(Sarcast) um.. can't tell you, was watching a girlie show


(^Spawn^) but I'm incompetinat

* MysticJin whips Xosmi's ass and makes a deep cut
(MysticJin) now u is cannot sitting!


* TeDy starts staring at StKittyHawk's ass
(TeDy) Something in my pants is moving...

(Nyle) has anyone here fucked a 14 year old
(Nyle) I came close once
(Nyle) i fucked two 7 year olds

(MuffinMan) Im downloading gay pr0n XD
* serger is jealous to MuffinMan

(StKittyHawk) kitty with penis = WTF

(Nabooru) DUDE!!
(Nabooru) On this Cirque de Soilme, they are showing two guys having sex now!!!

(Epidemic) i took a sledgehammer to an old mac once. on thing led to another and now i have the logo imbedded in my leg

(Gospel) Chun Li or Sakura?
(WingZer0) sakura
(Kreli[a]n) Ace

(screwed) hey Ryu.. why didnt you come over last night.. I was all greased and lubed up.... but no Ryu!! :(

(serger) haha
(serger) i'm on crack
(serger) u ?

(Xosmi) If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, I guess I'm a coward.

* MuffinM[a]n is away:
(MuffinMan) I should grow some balls.

(Sarcast) he fuck you long time.. me soo horny .. me soo hor...

(al_timex) i was on hash and i thouht i was batman when i was shooting 1 of thse things at a wall

* aireson mauls xosmi harder
(Xosmi) now, replace "maul" with "pound"
(Xosmi) ewww.
(aireson) rocking till the dawn
(leogeo2) oh yeah, well one time
(leogeo2) at the mall
(leogeo2) i pwned Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious

(Davemc) How old are you, 12?
(Morpheus) whats it to ya
(Davemc) Oh, I'm a paedophile.

* Kreli[a]n gives Ace liposuction
(Ace|f00d) ^^

(Zuljin) im a friend of zuljin
(Zuljin) gayfriend

(HellSpawn) Mountain humping
(HellSpawn) :D
(soldier) love it

(deathisofme) i think you are thinking of the time i dressed up as the alien people and probed you......

(Ace) watch skinner8.
(Ace) he's trying to cyber with everybody!
(Krelian) !!!
(Krelian) Cyber me!

Quits: r[a]ffy (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
(billy) aww
(billy) he have no more credits

(DeeT) billy dont leave
(DeeT) ur so sexy

(MasterCheif) it's fun fucking with christians

* Billys-Baby huggles CO
(co_p3rth) i feel refreshed

(Lunatic) hey ace remember da first few months when i came to emuparadise
(Lunatic) i had no f*cking clue what RFOL or l33t even means

(Banzay) I like sucking cock

(Ace) #idiot
(Ace) join ^^.

(HellSpawn) evanescence is hot
(MuffinM[a]n) no
(MuffinM[a]n) shs ugly.
(HellSpawn) bahh
(HellSpawn) your crazy
* HellSpawn watches muffin jerk to pics of elissa
(MuffinM[a]n) I dont have any ><
(MuffinM[a]n) And
(MuffinM[a]n) Why would you watch

(HellSpawn) uhh
(HellSpawn) wtf are you talking about skinner
(HellSpawn) talking to yourself?
(Shindo_Hikaru) see
(Shindo_Hikaru) lmao
(Skinner8) Haha.
(Shindo_Hikaru) dumbass n00b
(Skinner8) Quite the character.
(Skinner8) Does he have you on ignore or something?
(Shindo_Hikaru) yeah
(Shindo_Hikaru) lmao
(MuffinMan) lmao
(HellSpawn) i think charecters who talk to themselvs aka you are quite charecters

(Xosmi) ACE Advanced Computing Environment
(Ace) lol..........
(Xosmi) ACE Accelerated Christian Education
(Skinner8) ACE - Advanced Cereal Eater.
(Krelian) Automated Carniverous Extraterestrial
(Skinner8) ACE - Automated Computer Elf
(Skinner8) !
(Maisy) Computer Elf?!
(Ace) yes.
(Ace) I'm an elf ^^.
(Skinner8) Meaning he's short and disfigured.
(Ace) Skinner8 also swallows ^^.

(Skinner8) Skinner8 is now known as SquirrelMan
(Skinner8) Come on.
(Skinner8) That's a wb.

(MysticJin) best on ps2 of course
(Nabooru) ????
(Nabooru) ps2 sucks my cock
(Nabooru) seriously though...mine does...

(Nabooru) damn, if I was a girl for a day...
(Nabooru) can you rent sex toys??
(Nabooru) I wouldnt want to spend a lot of money on toys that I can only use for 1 day....

(Skinner8) ¤WB (Kitten) WB¤ -
(Kitten) omg hurt me i am listenig to nsync lol
(Kitten) haha
(Kitten) so a wb for me now huh skinn
(Skinner8) Yes.
(Kitten) :P
(Skinner8) We're getting quite intimate.
(Kitten) haha

(MaXim) your penis will grow curly and red!!
(Skinner8) dont you touch my penis
(Ace) ...
(MaXim) no thanks, i wasn't planning to....(steps quietly away)
(Skinner8) ...
(Felin[a]r) i wanna quote that in a WB text now « MuffinMan » dude im such a fag

(MuffinMan) Im going into the gay pride parade
(SarBot) Today's Top10(gays): 1. MuffinMan(108) 2. FiZZa(84)
(MuffinMan) wth there are bite marks on my cd
(@Sarcast) you were hungry ?
(@Sarcast) try a sandwich next time.. you'd be surprised how good it tastes compared with cd's Joins:

Ace|not|a|clone (Ace@node-d-e017.a2000.nl) Clone: Ace

* HellSpawn whacks YASA and continues his job
(HellSpawn) wait that doesnt sound right......
(Skinner8) no it doesnt.
* HellSpawn fells a WB coming on

* Billys-Baby violates krel then goes to work

(MysticJin) get me a McChicken and a lare cock

(Gouki) fucking leechers...
(Gouki) maybe i should just come in a channel and be like GIMME GIMME GIMME
(Demi-God) HAHAHA
(Demi-God) Leechers.....
(Ace) •Gouki• try it :P
* ChanServ sets mode: -o Gouki
(Ace) ?
(Ace) lol
(Demi-God) hey Gouki...send me your list...and I'll send you what you don't have....DC only.....
(Ace) 100% n00b
(Demi-God) Rolling Øn The Floor Rolling Øn The Floor Rolling Øn The Floor Rolling Øn The Floor £aughing My Âss Õff
(Gouki) i downloaded a game from here, but it sucks, so ima beg for another one now
(Ace) lol
(Demi-God) hahahaha
(Demi-God) Mwahahahaha
(leogeo2) "Heaven or Hell! DUAL 1! LET'S ROCK!" --- Anouncer from Guilty Gear X2
(Gouki) he says that in the first one
(Gouki) but...
(Skinner8) i own being a n00b
(Gouki) ANSWER ME!!!????
(Skinner8) U ARE STOPID! GIVE ISO OR I BOMB YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
(Ace) O.o
(Demi-God) Rolling Øn The Floor
(Ace) •Gouki• it's your momma
(Demi-God) That is their Email.....
(Demi-God) their e-mail address is.... ___@Ace
(Skinner8) HEY!!!!!!!!!1 GIVE ISO OR ELSEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 I HACKS YUO!!!!!!111
(Demi-God) what was that...????
(Ace) lol
(Demi-God) in english maybe
* Ace sets mode: +o Gouki
(Gouki) • Thanks for the @ •
(Ace) got enough leechers already ;)
(Gouki) hey how's it goin
(leogeo2) Skinner8: was that a threaat?
(Skinner8) HEY!!!!!!! I HACKER!!!!!!! I CAN BE HACKING YOU!!!! SO DONT THREATING ME!!!!!!!!!
* leogeo2 sets mode: +b *!*@du-69-92.ppp.telenordia.se
(leogeo2) j00 has just been h4x3d

* Krelian runs and kisses Ace (Krelian) :O
* Krelian runs off [A]ce sets mode: +vvvv Krelian Krelian Krelian Krelian

(Billys-Baby) ....
(Billys-Baby) Im not a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

(Fish) FF sux.
(Fish) Fish is better.

*** Global -- from services.emuparadise.org: Completed Config Write (0 secs) -) Please refrain from feeding the IRC Operators. Thank you.

(@KeeN[a]) guys, take it off now

(HellSpawn) im gonna assasinate Abe Lincoln!'

(IDK) stop jacking off you fruit
(Krelian) Sorry.
(Krelian) It's just you make me so horny IDK
(IDK) well i make everyone feel that way when im around
(skipatrolslayer) not me
(IDK) hes in denial
(skipatrolslayer) i am really?
(skipatrolslayer) oo
(skipatrolslayer) ok
(IDK) btw
(IDK) ski patrol >*<
(skipatrolslayer) yea
(IDK) so why is your nick skipatrolslayer?
(skipatrolslayer) it's a long story
(Krelian) he slays the Ski patrol?
(skipatrolslayer) yes i did
(IDK) that was short
(Shindo_Hik[a]ru) lmao

(The_gay_formerly_knows_as_IDK) dude this is now my official nick

Krelian is now known as The_queer_kormerly_known_as_Kr
(The_gay_formerly_knows_as_IDK) ha you suck krel
(The_queer_kormerly_known_as_Kr) formerly
* The_queer_kormerly_known_as_Kr is now known as I-Suck
(The_gay_formerly_knows_as_IDK) you cant even spell formerly
(The_gay_formerly_knows_as_IDK) remember its I-S-U-C-K
(Shindo_Hik[a]ru) corn?
(I-Shuck) now referring to corn or sean connery?
(Shindo_Hik[a]ru) sean connery eating corn

(k|ttYs_Bitch) Least i don't fear a couch!
(MichaelJackson) i dont fear it
(MichaelJackson) i just dislike it
(k|ttYs_Bitch) Lies
(k|ttYs_Bitch) But you're scared of lawn gnomes
(MichaelJackson) no actually im not
(MichaelJackson) i wish i had lawn gnomes
(MichaelJackson) you just lost

(StarShade) Greetings emuparadisians!
(StarShade) How goes the emulating?
(Skinner8) ...
(StarShade) Found any interesting SNES rom-hacks lately?
* Skinner8 gives StarShade such a stabbing.
(Skinner8) Get the 'point'?
(MuffinMan) HAHAHAHA
(MuffinMan) (11:32:40) (Skinner8) Get the 'point'?
(MuffinMan) roflmao!

(Nabooru) ^^
(Nabooru) Faggish

(RiskBre[a]ker) idle time ) me ^^

([A]ce) prison here is like heaven.

* MuffinM[a]n is GAY !!!!

(MasterChief) at least hellspawn has some common scence

(Dutchess) sar cant twirl
(Skinner8) Could you get us a pic of him in one of those outfits?
([A]ce) That's something I have to see!

([A]ce) uber1337, found a mod that allows you to use a sythe!
(xGeorgex) dude , its spelt Scythe :-P
(xGeorgex) if you mean a garden/killing implement.
(xGeorgex) of mass destruction.

(Maison) Squirrels are my friends.

(Xosmi) okay, now you're starting to freak me out.
(Xosmi) yeah, that's what i said to myself when i woke up next to your mom.

(Skinner8) So.
(Skinner8) Someone say something funny.
(skip[a]trolsl[a]yer) something funny
(Lizzy) A pirate walks into a bar with a shipwheel on the front of his pants...
(Skinner8) Catching on fast today.
(Lizzy) the bartender asks "what's with the wheel"?
(Lizzy) the pirate says "YARRRR it be Driving me nuts"
(Skinner8) Haha
(AC_Orange) lol
(Skinner8) That is actually pretty good.

(MuffinMan) that would kick ass,
(MuffinMan) a game with bunnies,
(MuffinMan) and the guy says,
(MuffinMan) eat shit you bunnies,
(MuffinMan) then blasts them!

(Lizzy) [12:40] (Skinner8) Lizzy likes guys who use girls' names.
(Lizzy) I may also like guys in skirts :D
(Lizzy) ,__, secret shame no longer

(Krelina) I'm gonna get my name changed to Gay

« Krelina » Jonathan blows!!!

(MuffinM[a]n) Tetris on Xbox ) pr0n

(Skinner8) * MuffinM[a]n is GAY !!!!
(Skinner8) What's that about?
* Sydeshow is GAY for skinner8!
* MuffinM[a]n is GAY!!!!!!!

(MuffinM[a]n) Skinner8 and Lizzy sitting in a tree
(MuffinM[a]n) k-i-s-s-i-n-g
(Skinner8) God, yes.

(IDK[a]) there was a singing black man at my door
(IDK[a]) how god damn random can you get

(YoshiRiRu) KeeN?
(YoshiRiRu) you there?
(YoshiRiRu) I got a quick question
(KeeNeR) no im not pregnant
(KeeNeR) uhm nvm, was kidding :P

(Shindo_Hikaru) muff go screw krel
(MuffinMan) fine
* MuffinMan screws Kawaii_NeKos_Bitch
(Shindo_Hikaru) thats right you slut

(k|ttYs_Bitch) Try sending money to russia lol
(k|ttYs_Bitch) I don't think they even have a mail system
(k|ttYs_Bitch) people just steal it off the planes

(Sukinnereigufutsu) (Back) Duration:(13 Minutes and 44 Seconds) Reason:(Eating food, pirate style.)
(Sukinnereigufutsu) I have eaten.
Sukinnereigufutsu is now known as Skinner8
(Skinner8) Like a pirate.
(unnamednub) you're hardcore

(Link) a threesome!
* Link would love to join :D
(Link) damnit
(Link) ill shut up now...
(Link) before it gets bigger

(Skinner8) On a scale from salty to spicy, you just suck.
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) But see
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) I don't swallow

(K[a]waiis_Bitch) serger
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) I want you
(serger) oi
(serger) whos' dat ?
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) haha
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) Krelian
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) :P
(serger) :D
(serger) pm me then
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) I say that to everyone
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) :P
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) Especially Ace.
* K[a]waiis_Bitch kisses Ace Ace sets mode: +v K[a]waiis_Bitch

* MasA watches as Skinner8 touches himself
* Sarcas[a] stamps the word GAY on MasA's forhead

(Skinner8) Well anyway, MasJ's gaqy.
(Skinner8) Gay. MasJ is now known as gaqy
(gaqy) okay, if you say so :P

(cream_sodaboy) hahaha! I am so dumb!

(MuffinMan) Mine is like
(MuffinMan) 1"
(MuffinMan) my wang that is

(Sarcast) DEAR SIR.

(queeg500) your uncle died of cancer cause he was gay

(HellSpawn) im playing Unreveal Tournament
(HellSpawn) no thats not a typo.

(Jessy) kitty is as girl as she can be!!!!

* K[a]waiis_Bitch kisses maison all the time
* nibs_guy kisses maison
(Maison) This calls for some hard liquor

(k|ttY) stacy's mom has got it going onnnnnnnnnn

(k|ttY) someone show me abs
(k|ttY) kitty get naked

(k|ttY) boobs are great arent they

* Skinner8 has a great body.
(trampoline) (3

(Ace) o.O what did ya steal?
(Krelian) Ace:You're Anime!

(IDK[a]) gangbang!
(serger) gangbang !! w00t !! chun li rape !!!
(MuffinMan) im gonna gangbang myself!

(@MuffinM[a]n) its hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the ass.

(omegadiab) !HELP
(Shindo_Hikaru) !NO

(MasterChief) which do you prefer
(MasterChief) cock or pepsi

(Skinner8) (Leaving) Reason:(Pudding, Tekken 3, your mom. In that order.)
Skinner8 is now known as Sukinnereigufutsu
(Maison) Hmm, Skinner places food above sex..
(Sukinnereigufutsu) With *your* mom, yes, Maison.
(Sukinnereigufutsu) Pwned.
(Maison) •Sukinnereigufutsu• She's dead. Pwned.
(Sukinnereigufutsu) Still gonna have sex with her.
(Sukinnereigufutsu) Pwned.

(MuffinMan) rofl 10$ for a pos

Quits: Ace (Ace@node-d-e017.a2000.nl) (Local kill by Sarcast (No reason specified))
Sarcast (~alcoholis@burgemeesters.demon.nl) is now known as Ace
Joins: Beta (Ace@node-d-e017.a2000.nl) [53 users]
Quits: Ace (~alcoholis@burgemeesters.demon.nl) (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Beta)))

(TeDy) I know!
(TeDy) I should learn flash!
* TeDy flashes Shindo_Hikaru
(Shindo_Hikaru) ....
(TeDy) Ok done.
(KinSlayer) flash is cool
(TeDy) ya it is
* TeDy flashes Shindo_Hikaru
(Shindo_Hikaru) ....

(Lord_Riff_Raff) A man presents at the doctor and complains, "Doctor, I can’t stop singing Tom Jones songs?"
(Lord_Riff_Raff) The physician replies "Its not unusual.............."

(HellSpawn) hey tedy
(HellSpawn) i think one of my pr0n pics is a virus
(HellSpawn) :o

(Natedog2805) YOOOOO
(Natedog2805) WHUT UP

Quits: Jos-Baby (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Jo-Baby)))
(Jo-Baby) grrrrr
Quits: Jasmine (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Jo-Baby)))
(Jo-Baby) take that you bitches

(HellSpawn) My feelings have been hurt.
(HellSpawn) But its not like it matters.
(HellSpawn) Me being black and all.

(Natedog2805) im no racists but i am strongly prefudice agains homosexuals because it is against my religion to be homo

(MuffinM[a]n) I wanted to do cows.

(craigbigg) how can i find ps1 isos
(davemc) Look in the fish.
(craigbigg) what do u mean

(Davemc) HD: [C:] 22.41/27.95 GB [D:Paedophilia] 106.85/115.04 GB

* PW is AFK, W00T!!! RAINBOWIES ARE PHUN!!!! CU ALL 2MORROW!!! —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—
(Skinner8) ...
(Skinner8) The downside of hash.

(Link) isnt Ryu a pokemon?

(M) D can i buy retro status off of you?
(D) How much?
(M) 4$ and a pack of gum
(D) Nah.
(D) I shit on US currency.
(D) Unless it's in 6 figures.

(MuffinM[a]n) !seen HellSpawn
(DRsiemer) HellSpawn was last seen quitting from #emuserve 2 days, 5 hours, 57 minutes ago stating (Quit: brb).

(Poke598) are there any N64 Roms in here?
(Skinner8) No, there are only people and bots in here.
(Poke598) what about emuserve
(Poke598) thats what I meant
(Skinner8) Same thing there.
(Poke598) why is it called emuserve if there is nothing to do with emulation in there

(S) k|ttY...
(S) Just huggle me, ok?
(k|ttY) lol
* k|ttY huggles skinner there
* S huggles back.
(S) Ok...
(S) Now huggle me.
(k|ttY) i did already
(k|ttY) huggle krel :P
(S) I'm the one asking the questions around here.
(S) Huggle me.
* Maison stabs Skinner8
(k|ttY) lol
* S interrogates Maison.
(k|ttY) i can only be so nice before i puke u know lol
* S licks himself clean of blood.
(Xosmi) knock, knock.
(S) Who's there?
(Xosmi) Gestapo.
(S) Gestapo who?

([A]ce) Skinner8: You're gay :)

(k|ttY) bah i love my bro
(k|ttY) he is stingy but i still love him
(Xosmi) i love your bro too @_

(IDK[a]) i want like a little slaveboy to attach to the shower wall to wash my hair
(Heather) hahaha
(Heather) wtf?
(IDK[a]) id glue him to the wall and id be like
(IDK[a]) hair gusto now!

(Sarcast) who says im a guy
(Sarcast) maybe Im a girl

(Zuljin) I knew I should have picked the silver bullet...anyone care to donate one?
(Skinner8) No.
(Skinner8) Wouldn't want you to die, when you could keep alive and feel incomprehensible amounts of pain instead.
(Zuljin) hehe...
(Zuljin) thats just so you skinner

(TeDy) Every link you guys post
(TeDy) it auto opens it
(Skinner8) Haha!
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(HellSpawn) rofl!
(TeDy) ahh!
(HellSpawn) http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2458096693&category=26428#ebayphotohosting
(TeDy) god damnit
(TeDy) I know.
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx hahaha, turn it off, TeDy
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(TeDy) Skinner8
(TeDy) Stop
(TeDy) That
(Skinner8) No, www.goatse.cx!
Quits: TeDy (TeDyBeaR@69-144-67-179.client.bresnan.net) (Quit: ( www.nnscript.de :: NoNameScript 3.8 :: www.XLhost.de ))
[Some time passes]
Joins: TeDy (TeDyBeaR@69-144-67-179.client.bresnan.net) [38 users]
(HellSpawn) hey tedy
(Skinner8) Haha.
-HellSpawn- dont post goatse
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(Skinner8) By the way.
(HellSpawn) fucker
* HellSpawn slaps skiner
-HellSpawn- why not?
-HellSpawn- just dont mess with tedy anymore :P
-HellSpawn- cus i said thats why not
-HellSpawn- You're not making sense.
-HellSpawn- hes my friend so leave him alone
(TeDy) Skinner8!
-HellSpawn- get it now?
(TeDy) Post that link again
(TeDy) or a link
(TeDy) www.google.com
(TeDy) or something
-HellSpawn- Let's see.
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(Skinner8) www.goatse.cx
(TeDy) god damnit Skinner8
(Skinner8) Ahahaha.
(TeDy) * Added *!*@ to ignore list

Quits: MuffinMan_aka_B^R^I^A^Ns_Bitch (Quit: i hate you all...... JK IM JUST REBOOTING HAHA LIKE OMG)

(Lord_Nicoon) aaahh...my comp's running slow..
(Lord_Nicoon) damn progs..
(TeDy) Exellent.
(TeDy) Its working.
(Lord_Nicoon) what is, tedy?
(TeDy) the tro..... I mean.....

Nasterchief is now known as MasterChief
(MasterChief) God
(MasterChief) i went through lik 2 hours without noticing my name has a typo
(MasterChief) i mean 30 min
(Krelian) Yes
(Krelian) But
(Krelian) We expect that out of you

(Skinner8) (K[a]waiis_Bitch) we were screwing around
(Skinner8) You and TeDy?
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) Yeah
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) Downside skinner is, I don't mind wb's like that
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) In fact i like them
(Skinner8) I'm going to add that to the wb.
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) Here i'll just make it easy on you
(K[a]waiis_Bitch) I'm gay!

* Lord_Nicoon runs around..
* Skinner8 trips Lord_Nicoon and kicks him while he's down.
(Lord_Nicoon) thats better

(B^R^1^4^N) but it turned out to be some gay hentai
(HellSpawn) lol
(MasterChief) i wanan buy the box series set

(lluukkee) can I get help with my n64 emu here? just wanna know what the .txt files are for in the rom directory. The files are 0 in size. Any ideas?

(Daxter) the astronomical discharge of you nerologial brain cell is dead

Iri is now known as iri`takingcareofquail
(_TeDy_) Whos quail?
(Skinner8) A quail is a bird thing.
(_TeDy_) ahh
(_TeDy_) Nekku?
(iri`takingcareofquail) yes, nekku
(_TeDy_) ohhh
(iri`takingcareofquail) :/
(iri`takingcareofquail) nekku likes to stare at the light.... she's gonna go blind
* iri`takingcareofquail keeps turning her head away
(_TeDy_) lol
(_TeDy_) Thats kinda cute.
* iri`takingcareofquail rubs nekku's chin
(Sarcast) you think nicotine man is cute ?
(Skinner8) Odd.
(_TeDy_) No no no
(Sarcast) that's like thinking Roast Beef is cute too
(_TeDy_) [07:38] (iri`takingcareofquail) nekku likes to stare at the light.... she's gonna go blind <-- that.
(Skinner8) Blind birds are cute?
(Sarcast) oh
(_TeDy_) Omg..
(Sarcast) you think things going blind is cute
(Skinner8) _TeDy_ pwned.
(iri`takingcareofquail) ......what?
(iri`takingcareofquail) wtf
(Sarcast) well aint that what you said
(_TeDy_) [07:38] * ¯ iri`takingcareofquail keeps turning her head away
(_TeDy_) That!!
(_TeDy_) -.-
(_TeDy_) Losers...
(Sarcast) right..
(iri`takingcareofquail) ..........
(iri`takingcareofquail) ?!?!
(Skinner8) You think it's cute when people turn their heads away?
(_TeDy_) Bah!
(iri`takingcareofquail) i wasn't turning MY head away
(iri`takingcareofquail) i was turning the QUAIL'S head away... so that she wouldn't be looking at the light
(_TeDy_) [07:38] (iri`takingcareofquail) nekku likes to stare at the light.... she's gonna go blind [07:38] * ¯ iri`takingcareofquail keeps turning her head away
(_TeDy_) Both
(_TeDy_) Of
(_TeDy_) Those (iri`takingcareofquail) ..................?!
(iri`takingcareofquail) what!
(Skinner8) The blind bird that turns its head away?
(iri`takingcareofquail) NO S
(iri`takingcareofquail) she's not blind
(Sarcast) no no..
(Sarcast) she's not blind YET
(Sarcast) all in good time
(iri`takingcareofquail) which is WHY i'm turning her head away from the light
(iri`takingcareofquail) :/
(Skinner8) Nice and heartless, sar.
(iri`takingcareofquail) ..right
(Sarcast) away from the light eh ?
* iri`takingcareofquail :|
(iri`takingcareofquail) .....yes
(Sarcast) you like your pets to be scared in the dark ?
(iri`takingcareofquail) wtf
(iri`takingcareofquail) k :/
* Sarcast *turns off light*
(Skinner8) Haha.
(Skinner8) Wow.
* Sarcast *grin*
(Sarcast) pwned
(Skinner8) That almost makes sar look funny and cool.
(Sarcast) just like the bunny I pwned 2 days ago
(Skinner8) Yeah.

* duende_46 is away: pr0n haha shut up

* MuffinM[a]n is back after 48m: watching 3d pipe screensaver.


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