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Metroid Comics and Manga
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 24 Apr 2011 | Message Boards

I've just added a pretty amazing collection of rare metroid comics and manga to our video game comics section. Here are the new additions:

Captain N (Metroid Editions)
Metroid (Pirates)
Metroid E-Manga Conversion (Chapter 1 and 2)
Metroid Prime - Episode of Aether (Manga)
Metroid Volume 1 (Manga)
Metroid Volume 2 (Manga)
Samus and Joey (Manga)
Shounen Oh Game Comics - Super Metroid Manga
Wanpakku Metroid Manga Strategy Guide

Definitely something worth looking at for Metroid fans everywhere. Check out the Metroid Manga for sure at our Video game comics section.


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