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Chrono Trigger - Crimson Echoes [Final] Leaked!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 19 Jan 2011 | Message Boards

A few months ago we had covered Chrono Trigger - Crimson Echoes - a fanmade game that was canned by Square. Basically Crimson Echoes was a brand new Chrono Trigger game with over 35 hours of gameplay, music and story! A pretty amazing storyline (from what is shown in the trailer..) and definitely worth playing.

Well, today's good news is that the final release of Crimson Echoes was leaked and we have the IPS patch available here for you! So what're you waiting for ? Jump right into Crimson Echoes and enjoy a brand new Chrono Trigger experience!

You need to get the SNES ROM, an IPS Patching Utility and use the utility to patch the SNES ROM into Crimson Echoes. Then use an emulator to play your game! (Hint: Snes9x can also patch your ROM for you..) Pretty easy!

-> Chrono Trigger - Crimson Echoes IPS Patch
- > Lunar IPS Patching Tool (Windows)
-> UIPS Patcher (Mac OS X)
-> JIPS (Java - Windows/Linux/Mac)

Since some of you were having trouble patching the ROM - Here's a pre-patched ROM for you to play, just load up in your emulator and be on your way : )

Update 2:

Apparently the previously posted ROM had some glitches. Please download this version and it'll work perfectly (CRC verified). Also, please use ZSNES to play this game since Snes9x has some problems with it. (Tried it on ZSNES 1.43 for Mac OS X -- worked like a charm!)

-> Chrono Trigger - Crimson Echoes Final ROM

Thanks go out to Zhong for all the helpful info in the comments.

Thanks go out to Teg for the news report! Also, here's a Crimson Echoes trailer for you to check out:


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