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Gathering Allies - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [Sheet-Music]
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 08 Jan 2011 | Message Boards

Beacon515L was nice enough to share with us a self-created arrangement of Gathering Allies from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I've added it to our sheet music section so that you can get it and start playing right away :) Here's what he says about it:

This is an arrangement of Hitoshi Sakimoto's 'Gathering Allies' from FFTA for two pianos. It is arranged for two pianos as opposed to four hands, as it does require two entirely separate instruments with a player each. Enjoy, it's a fun piece. X3

He was also nice enough to produce an actual MP3 to show you how it goes. You can listen to it here.

To grab the music and check out tons more sheet music for many games (even full soundtracks..!) head to our Sheet Music Section.


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