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Blip Magazine (1983) - All Issues
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 27 Nov 2010 | Message Boards

There's a pretty cool retro magazine addition to our Magazine Scans Section today. This time around we added all 7 issues of Blip Magazine:

Blip was a video game "magazine" published by Marvel Comics in 1983 and only lasted 7 Issues. It launched February 1983 and published its final issue in August, thus becoming the first magazine "victim" of the Atari crash. Edited by Joe Claro (who wrote lots of quickie children's books for Random House all during the 1980s), the title was comic-book sized and printed on plain old comic-book stock, making it the cheapest national video-game mag ever (only a buck an issue!) but also the cheapest-looking, as screenshots and color photographs all tended to be washed out and ugly. As a result of this, Blip concentrates less on game strategy and more on "lifestyle"-type things -- comics about games, jokes, stories, and so forth.

Quite an interesting read for those that want to gain an insight into gaming that pre-dated the Nintendo days :) Check out the new scans at our Video Game Magazine Scans Section.


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