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Bye Bye Shady Ads
Posted by MasJ @ Sat, 30 Oct 2010 | Message Boards

Our users have for a long while complained about random shady ads that might show up on the site now and then. Shady products, ads with music, or annoying flashing banners. From now on, no more uglies! We've always kept all our downloads clean and well, we'd rather have the site clean as well!

The reason these ads would sometimes show up earlier was that we work with multiple ad agencies and most of them didn't provide us with any kind of interface to filter the bad stuff. We had to manually find the offending ad, and then email our advertisers to ask them to take it off rotation for us. (then one or two days later it would finally be taken down..) Slow, and lame.

Of-course, we'd rather have the site free of ads or pop-unders but that wouldn't work to help us pay the bills these massive downloads generate.

But now I have good news! We recently started working with a new company and these guys are amazing! Their ads are fast loading and of a much higher quality (have you noticed ?). On top of that, they have a great filtering system which allows us to block bad ads quickly and effectively.

So here's to a better, cleaner and safer experience at emuparadise. We hope you enjoy your stay here! If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to comment on this post or send us an email!


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