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Of Music Sheets & More..
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 05 May 2010 | Message Boards

Thanks to Su-Sa (who takes an incredible interest in uploading sheet music for us :)) we've got 24 additions to our Sheet Music Section. Here's what's been added for you:

Final Fantasy I-III
Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack Piano Solo Sheet Music
Final Fantasy Piano - Solo Music Box Style
Final Fantasy Piano Sheet Music - Piano Four Hands
Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Piano Solo Sheet Music
Final Fantasy X Suteki Da Ne Single Sheet Music
Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack Piano Solo Sheet Music
Final Fantasy XI Online Piano Sheet Music
Final Fantasy XI Piano Collection
Final Fantasy XI Piano Collection - 2nd Edition
Final Fantasy XII Kiss Me Good-bye Piano Solo Sheet Music
Final Fantsy XII Original Soundtrack Piano Solo Arrangement Book
Parapa the Rapper
Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack
SaGa Frontier I Original Soundtrack
SaGa Frontier II Original Soundtrack
Secret of Mana - Seiken Densetsu Piano Sheet Music
Sega Piano Nocturne
Sekaiju no MeiQ 2 - Piano Sketch Version
Shadow of the Colossus - Suite for Piano
Sword of Mana Piano Sound Version
Unlimited SaGa Original Soundtrack
Xenosaga Original Soundtrack

We've also updated some of our sheet music collections to be more complete thanks to some helpful uploads from Su-Sa. You can find all these incredible music pieces at our Video Game Sheet Music Section.

Apart from this, one of our forum members (Niphoet) has taken a great interest in posting emulator updates to the website. As our frequent visitors must be aware, we're usually quite slow on the uptake for updating our emulators here. Niphoet has promised to bring in a weekly post with all the emulator updates that have taken place. You'll be seeing him post here in a few days with a pretty good update on what's happening lately with the emulation scene. This will be a nice addition to our regular rom updates and shall catch you up with the latest versions of all your emulation software : )


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