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395 3DO Titles Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 03 Mar 2010 | Message Boards

According to our tweets a few days ago, a massive 3DO update was coming. Well, it's finally here with 395 additions to our 3DO section. This update mostly includes Japanese and European titles for the 3DO that we didn't carry earlier. The total number of titles that we now have is 536, that's a total of almost 110GBs of 3DO ISOs. Find them all at our Panasonic 3DO ISOs Section.

Update: Upon some further inspection (and user requests..) I found that we were still missing some titles for the 3DO that are considered to be Adult. I've added them to our database as well, so you definitely have something worth checking out! Here's what's been added:

Blonde Justice (1995)(Vivid Interactive)(US)
Bodyconscious Digital Rave! Part 1 - Shinjuku & Takasaki (1994)(Transpegasus)(JP)
Coven, The (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)
endlessly (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(EU-US)[!]
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 - Hyper Edition (1996)(Infini)(JP)
Immortal Desire (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)
Love Bites (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)[!]
Mahjongkyou Jidai - AV Gal Seifuku Hen (1994)(Micronet)(JP)[!]
Mahjongkyou Jidai - Cogal Houkago Hen (1995)(Micronet)(JP)
Mind Teazzer (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)[!]
NeuroDancer - Journey Into The Neuronet (1994)(Pixis Interactive)(US)
Onee-san to Isshoo! Kise Kae Paradise (1995)(BSS)(JP)
Onee-san to Isshoo! Shanken Paradise (1994)(Intarus)(JP)
Penthouse Interactive - Virtual Photo Shoot Vol. 1 (1994)(GAGA)(JP)
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (1994)(Kirin Entertainment)(US)[!]
Sex (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)
SuperModels Go Wild (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)
Super Model, The - Gail McKenna (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)
Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special - Koi no Tenpai Beat (1996)(Sonnet)(JP)
Twinkle Knights (1995)(Intarus)(JP)
Virtual Cameraman Part 1 - Naomi Sawada & Anna Juri (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)[!]
Virtual Cameraman Part 2 - Natsumi Kawai & Kimi Tachihara (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)
Virtual Cameraman Part 3 - Yumika Sugimoto (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)
Virtual Cameraman Part 4 - Shiori Fujitani (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)[!]
Virtual Cameraman Part 5 - Yuri Andou (1995)(Transpegasus)(JP)[!]
Virtual Vivid (1993)(Vivid Interactive)(US)[!][GL VIRTUA RE-1]
Virtual Vivid (1994)(Vivid Interactive)(US)[GL VIRTUA]
Yakyuuken Special, The (1994)(Societa Daikanyama)(JP)[!]

That's another 28 titles and 8.4GB of 3DO naughtiness. Check 'em out at our 3DO ISOs Section.


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