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Bandai Playdia ISOs
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 06 Jan 2010 | Message Boards

I've just added titles for an extremely rare system to our ROMs, ISOs and Games Section. The Bandai Playdia was released only in Japan in 1994. The system was a failure and didn't last for very long after the release of the Sony Playstation. The games were extremely influenced by Anime and had huge FMV sequences and played through as if you were playing an interactive anime. Pretty cool stuff! Unfortunately, currently there's no emulator available for the Playdia so your best bet is to grab one off eBay or a pawn shop [they can be incredibly hard to find though..]. The good news is that the system plays burned games with no issues.

The Playdia also had some educational titles come out for it. I've added some of those too, here's a list of what we have:

Aqua Adventure - Blue Lilty (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Shuuketsu!! (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Dragon Ball Z - Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Chikyuu Hen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Dragon Ball Z - Shin Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Uchuu Hen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)
Elements Voice Series - Aya Hisakawa - Forest Sways (1995)(Bandai)(JP)
Elements Voice Series - Mika Kanai - Wind & Breeze (1995)(Bandai)(JP)
Elements Voice Series - Rica Fukami - Private Step (1995)(Bandai)(JP)
Ie Naki Ko - Suzu no Sentaku (1995)(VAP)(JP)
Newton museum - Kyouryuu Nendaiki Kouhen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Newton museum - Kyouryuu Nendaiki Zenpen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Norimono Banzai!! - Densha Daishuugou!! (1995)(Bandai)(JP)
Shuppatsu! Doubutsu Tankentai (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Ultraman - Hiragana Dai Sakusen (1992)(Bandai)(JP)
Ultraman - Ultraman Chinou UP Dai Sakusen (1996)(Bandai)(JP)
Ultraman Powered - Kaijuu Gekimetsu Sakusen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)[!]
Urutora Sebun - Chikyuu Bouei Sakusen (1994)(Bandai)(JP)

Just 16 titles really but then the system didn't see that many releases. Well, I hope this does interest some our more serious retro gamers who like to check out some of the good ol' stuff too. To get an idea of how anime-intense these titles were, check out the videos below:

To grab some of these ISOs, head to our Bandai Playdia ISOs Section.


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