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27 Game Guides Added!
Posted by MasJ @ Thu, 01 Oct 2009 | Message Boards

We've added 27 more Game Guides to our section today, thanks to ilefys. Here's what we have:

Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery Prima Official Guide.pdf
Bionic Commando Prima Official Guide.pdf
Crysis - Official Game Guide.pdf
Dead Space - Official Game Guide.pdf
Devil May Cry 2 - BradyGames Official Strategy Guide (PDF).pdf
Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening BradyGames Official Strategy Guide (PDF).pdf
Devil May Cry - BradyGames Official Strategy Guide (PDF).pdf
Doom 3 Prima Official Guide.pdf
Fallout 3 Prima Official Guide.pdf
Far Cry 2 - Official Game Guide.pdf
John Woo presents Stranglehold - Prima Official Guide.pdf
Kane and Lynch Dead Men - Official Game Guide.pdf
Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom Prima Official Guide.pdf
Pokemon Diamond Pearl - Pokedex Prima Official Guide.pdf
Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia - Prima Official Guide.pdf
Riddick Assault on Dark Athena - Prima Official Guide.pdf
SPORE - Official Game Guide.pdf
Street Fighter II (SNES-ARCADE) GamePro Official Strategy Guide.pdf
SWAT 4 Prima Official Guide.pdf
Tekken 5 - BradyGames Official Strategy Guide (PDF).pdf
The Lord of the Rings Conquest - Prima Official Guide.pdf
ToHeart 2 Official Guidebook ~The Essence of ToHeart 2~.pdf
Tom Clancy's EndWar - Official Game Guide.pdf
Too Human - Prima Official Game Guide.pdf
Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise - Prima Official Game Guide.pdf
World in Conflict Prima Official Guide.pdf
World of Warcraft - BradyGames Official Strategy Guide.pdf

A bunch of Pokemon Guides, Devil May Cry, World of Warcraft and some more! That's a pretty good selection of guides in there! Find them all out our Strategy & Game Guides Section.


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