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New Game Guides Section (105 Guides)
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 23 Aug 2009 | Message Boards

Now we have a brand new Game Guides Section wherein you'll find beautifully scanned (PDF/JPG/CBR/CBZ) official and unofficial Game Guides. We already have 105 Game Guides and these are a total of 11GB in size! There's a large number of official game guides as well as Brady Games game guide scans. Here's a list of what I've added today:

Bradygames - Chrono Cross
Bradygames - Chrono Trigger
Bradygames - Company of Heroes
Bradygames - Devil May Cry 1
Bradygames - Devil May Cry 2
Bradygames - Devil May Cry 3
Bradygames - Dragon Quest VIII
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 01 and 02
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 03
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 04
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 05 and 06
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 07 (PC)
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 07 (PSX)
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 07 - Dirge of Cerberus
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 08
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 09
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 10
Bradygames - Final Fantasy 12
Bradygames - Final Fantasy X-2
Bradygames - Gears of War (Limited Edition)
Bradygames - Gears of War (Not FULL)
Bradygames - GTA - San Andreas (Not FULL)
Bradygames - Okami
Bradygames - Parasite Eve I
Bradygames - Parasite Eve II
Bradygames - Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby
Bradygames - Resident Evil 4
Bradygames - Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 2 and 3 and Gem Fighter
Bradygames - Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition + Street Fighter III Third Strike
Bradygames - Super Mario 64
Bradygames - Supreme Commander
Bradygames - Tekken 1
Bradygames - Tekken 5
Bradygames - Xenogears
Breath of Fire III Strategy Guide
Castlevania SOTN Guide
Chrono Cross Special Edition Guide
Devil May Cry 2 [BradyGames]
Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening [BradyGames]
Devil May Cry [BradyGames]
Devil May Cry [Versus Books]
Donkey Kong Country [GamePro]
Dragon Warrior Adventure Guide (lamanated card)(1989)
Dragon Warrior Explorers Handbook (1989)
Dragon Warrior II - Unveiled Secrets (U)
Dragon Warrior Map
Dragon Warrior Map (1989)
Dragon Warrior Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy Anthology [BradyGames]
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy III Forbidden Game Secrets, Complete
Final Fantasy III Players Guide
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX Guides
Final Fantasy VII [BradyGames]
Final Fantasy VII [PC Ver]
Final Fantasy VIII Guides [Unofficial]
Final Fantasy X [BradyGames].7z
How to Win at Super Mario Bros
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time [Prima]
Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time [Versus Books]
Lunar I - The Silver Star - The Official Guide
Mario 2 Inside Out part 1
Mario 2 Inside Out part 2
Metal Gear Solid Official Mission Handbook
Morrowind Prophecies - GotY guide
Morrowind Unofficial Guide
Mortal Kombat II [GamePro]
Nintendo Player's Guide - Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (NES Game Atlas 1991)
Nintendo Players Guide - Chrono Trigger
Nintendo Players Guide - Earthbound (SNES 1995)
Nintendo Players Guide - Gameboy (1991)
Nintendo Players Guide - Link's Awakening
Nintendo Players Guide - Link's Awakening
Nintendo Players Guide - Mario Mania (1991)
Nintendo Players Guide - Mario Paint
Nintendo Players Guide - NES Game Atlas (1991)
Nintendo Players Guide - Super Mario RPG
Nintendo Players Guide - Super Metroid Strategy Guide
Nintendo Players Guide - Super Metroid Strategy Guide
Nintendo Players Guide - Super NES (1992)
Nintendo Players Guide - The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past (SNES 1992)
Nintendo Players Guide - Top Secret Passwords (1992)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide - 4 Player Extra (Nintendo Power 019) (1990)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide - Final Fantasy (Nintendo Power 017) (1990)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide - Ninja Gaiden II (Nintendo Power 015) (1990)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide - Super Mario Bros 3 (Nintendo Power 013) (1990)
Oblivion Strategy Guide [Prima]
Pokemon GSC [Prima]
Sega Force Presents - Tips Force
Star Ocean The Second Story
Super Game Boy (1994)
Super Mario 64 Guide
Tekken - Offical Fighters Guide [BradyGames]
Tekken 2 - The Official Strategy Guide [Namco]
Tekken 3 [Prima]
Tekken 4 [Prima]
Tekken 5 [BradyGames]
Tekken Tag Tournament [Prima]
The Legend of Zelda - Tips and Tactics (NES)
The Legend of Zelda - Tips and Tactics (NES) (PDF)
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987)
Xenogears Official Strategy Guide

That's a pretty large list of game guides ready for you to download! So what's better than this ? Get the Guide, Get the Game, and Get down to it! :)

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