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High Quality [FLAC] Soundtrack Section!
Posted by MasJ @ Sun, 14 Jun 2009 | Message Boards

When we started our Gaming Music section back in 2001, there never used to be many sites around with Game Soundtracks available for download. This remains the same more or less even though there are many more sites now with game soundtracks available [but we've seen many sites come and go...]. However, I was recently looking for some high quality game music [CD-Quality] and couldn't find much out there. And thus came to me the idea of creating a section here on emuparadise with High Quality lossless gaming music. Today, I'm ready to kick start our new High Quality gaming music section and for this, I've added a huge number of soundtracks for you to grab. Here's what's we have available (in FLAC Format):

Chrono Trigger OSV
Metal Gear Solid
MG - MG2 SolidSnake - Red Disc
MGS2 - Sons of Liberty
MGS2 - Sons of Liberty (US Re-Print)
MGS2 - The Other Side
MGS3 - The First Bite
MGS3 - 'Snake Eater Song'
MGS3 - Snake Eater
MGS - Portable Ops
MG 20th Anniversary
MGS4 - Guns of the Patriots
MGS4 - Limited Edition

There you go, 14 High Quality soundtracks in FLAC format for you to download. Now, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to keep these as FLAC, write them back to an audio-CD with no loss in quality or transcode them to any bitrate that you prefer!

Check out these and more to come [very very soon!] at our High Quality Game Soundtracks section!

-> High Quality Game Soundtracks


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