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270 ISOs: 3DO & CD-i Sections added!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 09 Feb 2009 | Message Boards

Over the weekend, I've added a whopping 72GB of ISO's that are basically Panasonic 3DO and Philips CD-i titles. These were some of the first CD-based systems released in the early 90's. They were extremely advanced for the time (CD's were expensive) and thus were unaffordable for most of the general populace. Even though neither of these consoles took off too well, they did manage to get a bunch of decent titles. Infact, the CD-i even had two Zelda games on it's list! [Which we have available @ EP, ofcourse!]

-> Panasonic 3DO (3DO Interactive Multiplayer) ISO Section (141 titles)
-> Philips CD-i ISO Section (129 titles)


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