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PSX games update!
Posted by Cookie Monster @ Sun, 29 Jun 2008 | Message Boards

Our Playstation games collection keeps growing with the additions submitted by our kind users. I'll list here the latest uploads:

  • Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring [NTSC-U]
  • Digimon World [NTSC-U]
  • Digimon World 2 [NTSC-U]
  • Digimon World 3 [NTSC-U]
  • Xenogears [NTSC-U]
  • Chrono Cross [NTSC-U]
  • Tactics Ogre [NTSC-U]
  • T.R.A.G. - Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission of Mercy [NTSC-U]
  • The City of Lost Children [NTSC-U]
  • Populous - The Beginning [PAL]
  • Oddworld - Abe's Exoddus [PAL]
  • Gangway Monsters [NTSC-J]
  • Lightning Legend - Sato no Bouken [NTSC-J]

As you see, it includes some of the most popular games available in our main site and many others that I'm sure you gals and guys will enjoy :)
These games were contributed by Koutsomoura, Mr E, Ragnar, Tanthias and yours truly. Thanks everyone!
Log in in our message board and go to the Upload Services subforum to download these games, and remember, registered users can make their own requests ;)


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