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Gaming Music: In the claws of the beat!
Posted by Cookie Monster @ Mon, 09 Jul 2007 | Message Boards

It's summer time but our members won't take a rest and keep bringing us some of the best music in the videogame history for our delight.
Evans presents us an awesome collection of albums including the 13 Beatmania IIDX albums and the Crow's Claw album collection featuring original music and remixes of music from the Final Fantasy games. Give it a try if you never heard of them before, it's quality stuff!

  • [MP3] Beatmania - Best Soundtrack
  • [MP3] Beatmania IIDX 1-7 Original Soundtracks
  • [MP3] Beatmania IIDX 8-11 Original Soundtracks
  • [MP3] Beatmania IIDX 12th HAPPY SKY Original Soundtrack
  • [MP3] Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD Original Soundtrack
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - 17th Division (Type-Moon HR/HM Arrange Album)
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - Battlefield 1987 (Final Fantasy HR/HM Arrange Album)
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - Broken Phantasm (Type-Moon HR/HM Arrange Album)
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - Final Fantasy Heavy Metal Arrange
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - Parental Advisory Explicit Guitar
  • [MP3] Crow's Claw - Scythe Of Hell (Ragnarok Battle Offline HR/HM Arrange Album)

As always, these and much more new soudtracks, in our Gaming Music section!


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