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Welcome to our first ever contest where our visitors get to win huge prizes while having a little bit of fun. So you're wondering what a "Me-View" is, right ? Well, it's my very own word for a "Misleading Review" filled with the writers own opinionated words, thus Me-View for "Writer's View" as well. Corny, huh ? Well, that's the best I could come up with so you'll just have to lump it.

Contest Entries:

You can check out the uber cool Me-View contest entries at this page.


Since most people decide to enter a contest based on the prizes, I'll get to that right here. Ofcourse, you may enter it just for the fun of it, but that's strictly your choice :).

First Prize:
The first prize is a huge bundle of assorted goodies from Lik-Sang.com. Here's what the winner, the numero uno, the lord of me-views recieves as a token of our appreciation:
Super SmartJoy (SNES To USB Adapter)
Control Pad for SFC (SNES)
Smartjoy Dual Plus (PS1/PS2 To PC USB Adapter)
Sega Saturn Joypad (Vampire Edition)
Sega History Collection
Nintendo History Collection (Namco Special)

Second Prize:
Wondering what the second prize is, eh ? Well, this one's a smaller bundle of joy but joyful nonetheless!
USB Converter for PS1/PS2 and N64 Joypads

Third Prize:
The third prize is even smaller, what did you expect ? Well, but small is good, as you'll know if you take a look below:
128MB USB Drive Intelligent Stick

Well, those are the prizes we have on offer! So if you're really interested, jump right in!

So what exactly is a Me-View ?
To put it concisely, a Me-View is a review that the entrants shall write, of a game which honestly, was a load of crap, but the writers shall make it seem oh so juicy and exciting! Ingredients that we allow in the mix are doses of healthy sarcasm, wit, and ironical humor. To give you an idea, here's a brief Me-View from Nitramuse of EP Forum Fame:

Sample Me-View:

The Getaway:

Sony hyped this game like mad people, it was supposed to be released somewhere around the PS2 launch, but it got delayed as always.

"This would be the first interactive movie!! It'll pwn everything!!!"

As curious as I am, I bought the game, first thing I thought: "Wow, this is amazing! Look at all those pop-ups!! The incredible framerate also lends a hand to this wonderful game!"
As I ventured into London, on the very first mission to be precise, I was told to go somewhere. I had no clue, since there isn't an on-screen map. Then, after 30 minutes I figured it out...You need to go where the flashing lights of my - beautiful, I must add - car pointed to. Left light flashing? Take the first street to the left!!! Wow, this innovative move by Sony had me sold the very first instant!

Reaching my destination, I saw a few baddies walking around. I could sneak like Snake! Only problem was, my enemies saw me...I guess they have X-ray goggles.
So, I started shooting. I wanted to know how much ammo I had left. Searching my 108CM Flatscreen TV, I just couldn't find an indicator, as a matter of fact, I couldn't find nothing! This is most realistic!! And watch this, this is the most realistic thing EVER made into a game: When you get shot, just hide and your wounds will heal over time. Bloodstains will vanish and you can run like a new-born! Jumping, rolling, shooting, sneaking, driving. Everything is covered in this fabulous game!!!!!

My rating: 10/10.

PS: Rumours said that Sony is porting this awesome game to the PSP!! Keep this in mind, kiddo's!!


Well, that should give you a basic idea of how to go about writing a Me-View. It's all pretty simple, isn't it ? Just choose a game of your liking, any game, any platform, and limit yourself only with your imagination! Please do, however, try and keep explicit language to the minimum.

This one's pretty easy. Once your Me-View is done, just fire off an email to me over here. If, for some reason you cannot get through to me via email, you can use the following contact info to get in touch:
ICQ: 57687069
MSN: MasJ@emuparadise.org
AIM: ash 3ray

The contest is starting on 15th April 2006, and will end on 1st May 2006. Following which, we shall be announcing the winners and sending out the prizes. Also, once we recieve a few submissions, we'll have them online for others to read and enjoy! So get this, your writing also gets seen by 200,000 people every day!

The staff of emuparadise.org shall be judging the contest entries and the winners shall be announced no later than 5th May 2006. (Probably MUCH earlier, but it depends on the volume of entries!)

Mailing of Prizes:
Prizes shall be mailed out within the week of announcement of the winners. Obviously, we'll need your shipping address and other details. Please be assured that we shall ensure complete privacy and your address shall not be given out to anyone but our shipping company.

Limit on Entries:
While we encourage multiple entries from our contestants. (A particular game me-view counts as one entry). You are limited to a maximum of three entries. Since this contest isn't a lucky draw, multiple entries don't really increase your chances of winning, unless they're really outstanding pieces of Me-View Literature =P.

The Future:
We're going to have many more contests in the future with even bigger prizes, so if you're not entering this contest, please keep visiting, we shall definitely have something that interests you, sometime soon!

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