The Emuparadise 3DS Giveaway:

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It so happens that Nintendo's latest groundbreaking handheld console -- the Nintendo 3DS -- shall be coming out on the same day as Emuparadise's 11th BIRTHDAY! Yes, March 27th 2011 will see us turn 11 and see a lucky visitor win a FREE Nintendo 3DS!

Before going further, here's something important: THIS COMPETITION IS OPEN TO PEOPLE WORLDWIDE (do please note that the 3DS however will be region locked - we will try our best to give you a version suited to your region! - Read More).

3DS Giveaway Emuparadise

So how is this going to work ?

Well, entering is really simple. It's basically going to be a draw but you can get more than one entry in a variety of ways. So, if we have 10 entries and you have 5 of those - you have a 50% chance of winning! The number of entries you make is up to you so feel free to go as far as you like! We have a few ways that you can enter - the rules are really simple.

How to enter:

Tweet 1 of the following things up to 1 time per day to get ONE entry:

  • @emuparadise - For all your retro gaming needs head to - ROMs, ISOs and more!
  • If I don't win a 3DS with @emuparadise - I'll spend all day playing retro games there!
  • @emuparadise rocks for everything retro game related. Play roms in your browser or grab an emulator.

So, if you tweet: @emuparadise rocks for everything retro game related. Play roms in your browser or grab an emulator.

You get one entry into the competition. If you tweet the same thing tomorrow - you get another entry. You can only tweet once per day so make sure you tweet at us every day!

Submit a screenshot or description/review and get 5 entries:

If you browse emuparadise a lot, you'll have noticed by now that we allow our visitors to submit screenshots and descriptions for games. Well, you can get FIVE entries into the competition for each screenshot or description that you submit that gets approved by us. There is no limit to how many entries you can get per day so go crazy!

Add an upload to our forum - Get 2 entries per 100MB:

We allow our visitors to upload ROMs, ISOs, Music and more to our forums. This helps our community grow since other forum members can then easily grab stuff that we might not have at the main website. For every upload that gets posted at our forums and approved by our moderators you will get 2 entries per 100 MB. So for example you upload a file that is 511MB in size -> You get 10 entries into the competition!

Also, it is important to note that you can COMBO the above techniques. So the number of entries that you can get per day is UNLIMITED. For example - you could tweet @emuparadise (1 entry) + Upload 2 screenshots and 3 descriptions (25 entries) + Upload 511MB to the forums (10 entries) = 36 entries! Thus, you can definitely increase your chances at winning depending on how many entries you make -- howevery as it's a lucky draw -- everyone has a chance to win!

So what're you waiting for ? Get tweeting, clicking, writing and uploading right away! Good luck!

Other prizes!

1 Megaupload Premium account/week We will do a draw for MegaUpload Premium accounts every week. All entries will be considered!

The Rules:

- Tweets are limited to 1 entry/day no matter how many times you tweet
- Only approved screenshots and descriptions count towards your entry tally
- Forum Uploads have to be approved by our moderators and admins.
- Contest is open IMMEDIATELY.
- Contest closes on March 23rd 2011 at 6PM UTC/GMT.
- The winner will be announced shortly afterward

Region Locked 3DS:

Since the 3DS is going to be region locked (3 regions - US/Europe/Japan) we shall do our best to ship the one that most closely matches your region (or the one that you want..). This is why we are closing the contest on 23rd March 2011 as the 3DS releases in Europe on the 25th.

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