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Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (09-13-1984) (Coleco, Ed Temple) (Prototype)Cakewalk (Bakery) (1983) (CommaVid, Irwin Gaines) (CM-008)California Games (1988) (Epyx, Steven A. Baker, Peter Engelbrite) (80561-00286)Canyon Bomber (Paddle) (1979) (Atari, David Crane - Sears) (CX2607 - 6-99828, 49-75115)Care Bears (1983) (Parker Brothers, Laura Nikolich) (Prototype)Carnival (1982) (Coleco, Steve 'Jessica' Kitchen) (2468)Casino - Poker Plus (Paddle) (1979) (Atari, Bob Whitehead - Sears) (CX2652 - 6-99816, 49-75151)Cat Trax (1983) (UA Limited) (Prototype)Cathouse Blues (1982) (PlayAround - J.H.M.) (201)Centipede (1982) (Atari - GCC) (CX2676)Challenge (Zellers)Challenge of.... Nexar, The (1982) (Spectravision, Spectravideo, David Lubar) (SA-206)Championship Soccer - Soccer (1980) (Atari, Steve Wright - Sears) (CX2616 - 49-75155)Chase the Chuckwagon (1983) (Spectravideo - Video Games Industries Corporation, Mike Schwartz - Ralston Purina)Checkers (1980) (Activision, Alan Miller) (AG-003)China Syndrome (1982) (Spectravision, Spectravideo) (SA-205)Chopper Command (1982) (Activision, Bob Whitehead) (AX-015, AX-015-04)Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983) (Xonox - K-Tel Software, Robert Weatherby) (6230, 06002, 06003, 99003)Circus Atari - Circus (Paddle) (1980) (Atari, Mike Lorenzen - Sears) (CX2630 - 49-75122)Coco Nuts (1982) (Telesys, Jim Rupp, Jack Woodman) (1001)Codebreaker - Code Breaker (Numbers) (Keyboard Controller) (1978) (Atari, Larry Kaplan - Sears) (CX2643 - 6-99815)Combat - Tank-Plus (Tank) (1977) (Atari, Joe Decuir, Steve Mayer, Larry Wagner - Sears) (CX2601 - 99801, 6-99801, 49-75124)Combat Two (1982) (Atari - GCC - Hozer Video Games) (CX26156) (Prototype)Commando (1988) (Activision, Mike Reidel) (AK-043-04)Commando Raid (1982) (U.S. Games Corporation, Wes Trager) (VC1004)Communist Mutants from Space (Galactic Egg) (1982) (Arcadia Corporation, Stephen Harland Landrum) (2) (AR-4101)CompuMate (1983) (Spectravideo - Universum) (SV-010) (PAL)Condor Attack (1982) (Ultravision) (1043)Confrontation (1983) (Answer Software Corporation) (ASC2001) (Prototype)Congo Bongo (1983) (Sega - Beck-Tech) (006-01)Cookie Monster Munch (Cokie Monster's Maze, Cookie Monster's Garden) (Kid's Controller) (Children's Computer Workshop) (1983) (Atari, Gary Stark) (CX26102)Cosmic Ark (Reaction) (1982) (Imagic, Rob Fulop) (720104-1A, 720104-1B, IA3204)Cosmic Commuter (1984) (Activision, John Van Ryzin) (AG-038-04)Cosmic Corridor (AKA Space Tunnel) (1983) (ZiMAG - Emag - Vidco) (708-111 - GN-040)Cosmic Creeps (1982) (Telesys, Don 'Donyo' Ruffcorn) (1002)Cosmic Swarm (Termite) (1982) (CommaVid, John Bronstein) (CM-003)Crack'ed (11-28-1988) (Atari, Robert Neve) (CX26142) (Prototype)Crackpots (1983) (Activision, Dan Kitchen) (AX-029)Crash Dive (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (1983) (20th Century Fox Video Games, Bill Aspromonte) (11031)Crazy Climber (1982) (Atari, Alex Leavens) (CX2683)Cross Force (Cross Fire) (1982) (Spectravision, Spectravideo) (SA-203)Crossbow (1987) (Atari) (CX26139)Cruise Missile (AKA Exocet) (1987) (Froggo) (FG1007)Crypts of Chaos (1982) (20th Century Fox Video Games, John W.S. Marvin) (11009)Crystal Castles (1984) (Atari, Michael Kosaka, Peter C. Niday, Robert Vieira) (CX26110)Cubicolor (1982) (Imagic, Rob Fulop) (Prototype)Custer's Revenge (1982) (Mystique - American Multiple Industries, Joel H. Martin) (1001)

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