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ROMs » Atari 2600 » List of all available titles

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List of all Atari 2600 ROMs
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Listing titles from 1 to 50
Game Name:Average Rating
Pac-Man (1982) (Atari, Tod Frye - Sears) (CX2646 - 49-75185)3.91
Space Invaders (1980) (Atari, Richard Maurer - Sears) (CX2632 - 49-75153)4.2
Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure (1982) (Activision, David Crane) (AX-018, AX-018-04)4.62
Donkey Kong (1982) (Coleco, Dan Kitchen, Garry Kitchen) (2451)4.23
Asteroids (1981) (Atari, Brad Stewart - Sears) (CX2649 - 49-75163)4.4
Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (Revenge of the Jedi - Game II) (1983) (Parker Brothers, Ray Miller, Todd Marshall) (PB5060)4.07
Mario Bros. (1983) (Atari, Dan Hitchens) (CX2697)4.33
River Raid (1982) (Activision, Carol Shaw) (AX-020, AX-020-04)4.47
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Howard Scott Warshaw) (CX2674)2.15
Breakout - Breakaway IV (Paddle) (1978) (Atari, Steve Jobs, Brad Stewart - Sears) (CX2622 - 6-99813, 49-75107)5
Adventure (1980) (Atari, Warren Robinett - Sears) (CX2613 - 49-75154)4.73
Frogger (1982) (Parker Brothers, Ed English, David Lamkins) (PB5300)5
Centipede (1982) (Atari - GCC) (CX2676)4.76
Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (1983) (Activision, David Crane) (AB-035-04)4.65
Dig Dug (1983) (Atari - GCC, Douglas B. Macrae) (CX2677)5
H.E.R.O. (1984) (Activision, John Van Ryzin) (AZ-036-04)4.77
Enduro (1983) (Activision, Larry Miller) (AX-026, AX-026-04)4.9
Yars' Revenge (Time Freeze) (1982) (Atari, Howard Scott Warshaw - Sears) (CX2655 - 49-75167)4.92
Missile Command (1981) (Atari, Rob Fulop - Sears) (CX2638 - 49-75166)5
Galaxian (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Glenn Parker) (CX2684)4.29
Combat - Tank-Plus (Tank) (1977) (Atari, Joe Decuir, Steve Mayer, Larry Wagner - Sears) (CX2601 - 99801, 6-99801, 49-75124)4.67
Berzerk (1982) (Atari, Dan Hitchens - Sears) (CX2650 - 49-75168)4.14
Ms. Pac-Man (1982) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Glenn Parker) (CX2675)4
Defender (1982) (Atari, Robert C. Polaro, Alan J. Murphy - Sears) (CX2609 - 49-75186)4.5
Pole Position (RealSports Driving) (1983) (Atari - GCC, Betty Ryan Tylko, Douglas B. Macrae) (CX2694)4.75
Q-bert (1983) (Parker Brothers, Dave Hampton, Tom Sloper) (PB5360)No Rating Yet
Frostbite (1983) (Activision, Steve Cartwright) (AX-031)4.86
Super Breakout (Paddle) (1982 - 1981) (Atari, Carol Shaw, Nick 'Sandy Maiwald' Turner - Sears) (CX2608 - 49-75165)4.14
Acid Drop (1992) (Salu, Dennis M. Kiss) (460758) (PAL)3
Donkey Kong Junior (1983) (Coleco, Harley H. Puthuff Jr.) (2653)5
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1982) (Parker Brothers, Rex Bradford, Sam Kjellman) (PB5050)4
Joust (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mike Feinstein, Kevin Osborn) (CX2691)5
Moon Patrol (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mark Ackerman, Noellie Alito) (CX2692)5
Seaquest (1983) (Activision, Steve Cartwright) (AX-022)4.88
Keystone Kapers (1983) (Activision, Garry Kitchen) (AX-025, AX-025-04)5
River Raid II (1988) (Activision, David Lubar) (AK-048-04)3.5
Custer's Revenge (1982) (Mystique - American Multiple Industries, Joel H. Martin) (1001)3.8
Star Wars - The Arcade Game (1984) (Parker Brothers, Wilfredo 'Willy' Aguilar, Michael Becker, Neil McKenzie, Bob Smith, Brad Stewart) (PB5540)5
Spider-Man (1982) (Parker Brothers, David Lamkins, Laura Nikolich) (PB5900)3.4
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1980) (Atari, Carol Shaw - Sears) (CX2618 - 49-75123)4
Jungle Hunt (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mike Feinstein, John Allred) (CX2688)5
Atlantis (Lost City of Atlantis) (1982) (Imagic, Dennis Koble) (720103-1A, 720103-1B, IA3203, IX-010-04)4.5
Frogger II - Threeedeep! (1984) (Parker Brothers, Mark Lesser) (PB5590)3
Demon Attack (Death from Above) (1982) (Imagic, Rob Fulop) (720000-200, 720101-1B, 720101-1C, IA3200, IX-006-04) [fixed]4.78
Kaboom! (Paddle) (1981) (Activision, Larry Kaplan, David Crane) (AG-010, AG-010-04)4.6
BurgerTime (1983) (M Network, Patricia Lewis Du Long, Ron Surratt - INTV) (MT4518)5
Battlezone (1983) (Atari - GCC, Mike Feinstein) (CX2681)No Rating Yet
MegaMania - A Space Nightmare (1982) (Activision, Steve Cartwright) (AX-017, AX-017-04)4.58
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982) (Atari, Jerome Domurat, Howard Scott Warshaw) (CX2659)4.4
Haunted House (Mystery Mansion, Graves' Manor, Nightmare Manor) (1982) (Atari, James Andreasen - Sears) (CX2654 - 49-75141)5
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