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100 World Story
AD and D DragonLance 2 - Dragons of Flame
Adventure Island 4
Adventures of Musashi
Adventures of Valecule
Akumajyou Densetsu
Altered Beast
American Dream
Antarctic Adventure
Armed Dragon Fantasy Villgust
AstroFang Super Machine
Attack Animal Academy
Banana Prince
Bio Miracle Baby Upa!!
Bio-Warrior Dan The Inkliezar Battle
Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa 2
Chester Field
Choujin Sentai Jetman
Chronicle of the Radia War
Chuka Taisen
Cosmo Genesis
Cosmo Police Galivan
Dai Senryaku
Dark Lord
Deep Dungeon 4
Destiny of an Emperor 2
Doraemon RPG
Dragon Ball Dragon Mystery
Dragon Ball Z 3 Violent Battle Against the Androids
Dragon Ball Z Assault of the Saiyans
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Plans to Eliminate the Saiyans
Dragon Buster 2
Dragon Scroll - Resurrection of the Demon Dragon
Dragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia
Dream Penguin Adventure
Esper Dream II
Famicom Wars
Final Fantasy I and II
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Fire Emblem
Future Soldier - Lios
Fuzzical Fighter
Ganbare Goemon
Getsufuuma Densetsu
Glory of Heracles II Titan's Downfall
Gorby's Pipeline
Great Maze, The Master of the Maze
Hello Kitty World
Hello Kitty's Flower Shop
Hirake! Ponkikki
Holy Diver
Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei
Honoo No Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei 2
I'm Kid Dracula!
Jesus Kyoufu no Bio Monster
JJ Jump Out! The Epic War - Part II
Joy Mech Fight
Just Breed
Kantaro the Pyro's Journey Across the Toukaido
Kart Fighter
Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure
Kero Kero Keroppi's Big Adventure 2
Keroppi and Keroleen's Splash Bomb
Kid Niki 2
Kid Niki 3
King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch
Knights of the Zodiac Legend of the Gold
Konami World
Kung Fu 2
Kunio Kun Nekketsu Soccer League
Little Ghosts
Lupin the 3rd Pandora's Legacy
Magical Doropie
Maze of Galious
Mini Putt
Mitsume ga Tooru
Moai Kun
Moon Crystal
Motocross Champion
Nadia - Secret of the Blue Water
Naughty Kokkun's Gourmet World
Ninja Boy 2
Ninja Jajamaru Galactic Battle
Paaman 2 Down with the Secret Madou Society!
Parallel World
Penguin Kun Wars
Photon - The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth
Popeye's Lingo Game
PORTOPIA Serial Murder Case, The
Princesstual Orgy
Puyo Puyo
Raging Fire - Recca
Rainbow Silkroad
River City Ransom Zero
Rockman 2
Saiyuki World 2
Sanrio Carnival 2
Sanrio Cup Ponpon Volley
SD Splatterhouse
Shell Monsters Story
Shi Kin Jou
Shufflepuck Cafe
Softball Heaven
Spelunker 2
Star Wars
STED - Starfield of Memorable Relics
Storehouse No.18
Sugoro Quest
Sweet Home
Tabo's Tactics
Technos Ice Hockey
Technos Samurai - Downtown Special!
The Genius Bakabon
Time Zone
Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Valis - The Fantasm Soldier
Venus Wars
Wagyan Land
Wagyan Land 2
Wai Wai World 2 - SOS from Parsley Castle
Wily and Light's Rockboard
World Rally Championship
Youkai Club
Ys II Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter
Ys III Wanderers from Ys
Zombie Hunter

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