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Undercover Report: Pedophiles and Online Gaming

I hate sensational journalism. The whole Chris Hansen to Catch A Predator Dateline shit isn’t really my thing. You know standing there and looking at a pedophile going, “So you wanted to have sex with this little girl and a cat.” This is a matter that hits close to home and it’s not because I am an offender or victim.

NAMBLA and other pedophile advocacy groups encourage buying video game systems in order to meet young people. No shit, they are telling their members to join X-Box Live, PSN, and WoW so that they can meet under-aged people to have sex with. How is this going to effect online gaming?

Well, it effects everyone in a number of ways. Registered sex offenders are still allowed to own video game systems while they aren’t allowed to own a computer. This means that violent sex offenders will start appearing in larger numbers as they begin releasing them from prison. This means that there will be a lot more attention drawn to this matter by people like Chris Henson which makes us look like a bunch of pedophiles.

That’s an image we definitely don’t need. We are already socially awkward, under laid, lazy, stoned, and psychotic according to the media. Do we really need to be called pedophiles on top of that? Do we need some old lady staring at us when we rent Soul Caliber V from Red Box ?

I already have old ladies starring at me anyway but still we need to take care of this problem but how? Well, I have been working with four transgender individuals to help solve this problem. They were suggesting I name this project Operation: Betty Davis but really not much of a Betty Davis fan. So we all decided to call it Operation: Samus.

Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter who turned out to be a woman in the first Metroid is our working inspiration. So how did this operation work? Everyone of the transgender member of the team played in shifts under one account posing as either a 13 year old boy or a 12 year old girl. Being able to act as both is crucial especially since most of them could do a variety of roles and names.

The big key is to NOT bait a pedophile. There is a fine legal line between doing an investigation and entrapment. You can not entice or other wise make the first interaction. In other words, they have to come to you and be a pervert which by the way is pretty easy. Part 2, is the hardest part.

You need to get physical evidence against them. Since most chat logs on line are all vocal you have to hope they personal message you over X-Box Live or PSN. Then you have to wait till they proposition you in these messages. It’s complicated but it pays off in a big way if everything works right.

Over the last three weeks over 400 pedophiles were banned from XBL, PSN, and WoW. In addition over 124 were arrested on violations of parole. In other words, the whole operation was a minor success. A small leap forward toward making a safer gaming enviroment for children. If you are a parent reading this here is what you can do to make online gaming safer.

1. Play with your kids. Granted you might be like my parents and hate video games but the bonding time helps. Especially if you are divorced and don’t get to spend a lot of time with your kids as is this is a way to monitor and have fun.

2.Don’t be afraid to spy. Granted the online world of gaming is filled with rough language, usually coming from me, but see who is on your child’s friends list or guilds. Check their private messages and just be a parent.

3. Teach them online safety in a rational way. Don’t make them so afraid of people online that they don’t feel safe and are constantly paranoid but make them aware there are real dangers out there.

These are simple steps and many parents may scoff at them but they will make your child’s gaming experience better. Not to mention they may actually communicate with you more. Not that they will see you as the “cool” parent but then they will atleast be happy that you are trying to put forth the effort to understand.

Not to mention it does make you look and feel younger. My Mom can tell you that. She is a woman in her 50′s that listens to her plain blue collar country music but because of my influence, she also listens to rap. Which is odd considering that if you knew my Mom, you wouldn’t believe how square she is. Really, she prides herself on being the most boring person on Earth and God found it funny to give her me as a kid.

As far as pedophiles in online gaming, probation and parole in every state should ban the purchase of video gaming systems to registered sex offenders. It’s that simple, just ban it. Since every system now comes with Wi-Fi it should be considered a violation of their release. Simply put, catch up with technology and help us out a¬†little.

As gamers, if you see one of these fuckos online, report them. Everyone of these assholes gives us a bad name and puts the next generation of gamer at risk. The more we do to stop them in their tracks the better. We have to protect the generation coming up behind us so that we can ensure a future for gaming.

Pedophiles, just because this articles is done doesn’t mean I am going to stop looking for you assholes. Every nook, every cranny, anywhere I can in the gaming universe. I will find you, catch you, and help to put you in a cage. Remember assholes, jackals think they are lions until lions show-up. The lions have showed up, time for you to start running.

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