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Muppet Monster Adventure (PSX)
Uploaded by Cookie Monster

Muppet Monster Adventure is one of the most entertaining titles to hit the Playstation. With colourful graphics and surroundings and an immersive gameplay style, you'll definitely be enchanted by this title, no matter who you are.

You start the game as Robin, a prepubescent frog who shall embark upon an adventure. Throughout this title you shall be able to secure various items that shall morph you into one or the other kind of Hollywood monster. Infact, you need to morph quite a bit to be able to fulfil most of the game objectives. Morphing gives you various abilities which includes the ability to fly or the ability to jump really high. Infact, this is one facet which makes the game very lively and appealing.

With Muppet Monster Adventure you won't even come to know as time flies by because of the addictive nature of this game. The game pulls you in with it's presentation and keeps you busy. Definitely a good title to check out for those who haven't played it before.

Download Links:
Muppet Monster Adventure File 01 [49MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure File 02 [49MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure File 03 [49MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure File 04 [49MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure File 05 [49MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure File 06 [40MB]
Muppet Monster Adventure SFV File [1.1KB]

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

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