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Playstation(PSX) Emulators:

Bleem! | VGS | PSEmuPro | EPSXE | FPSE

Name: Bleem!
Description: A fairly good PSX emulator. The D3D acceleration was amazing and very good..... I said "was" because that "was" until epsxe came out :). Now people wonder why they paid so much for bleem!. Or why epsxe didn't come out earlier. Plus, the fact that bleem! doesn't give out any updates anymore. Personally, I don't recommend that you download this emulator, but it's your choice :)
Version: 1.6B Beta
Download: Binary
and the latest ini file.
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Name: Connectix Virtual Gamestation (CVGS)
Description: A good PSX emulator, make sure to check out our VGS tools section for stuff you can use with this emulator :). The sound system in this emulator is the best out of ALL the PSX emulators. The only drawback is that the graphics aren't D3D optimized, but then again, if you want to actually "emulate the PSX" , this is the best emulator out there! This is my most preffered emulator since on my system sound is pretty crappy with epsxe.
Version: 1.41
Download: Binary
and Fix for Windows XP/NT
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Name: PSEMUPro
Description: The PSX emulation scene grand father :). This one started it all, and even now, is a very good PSX emulator. It plays many commercial games and plays some better than other emus. This was possible because of it's amazing plugin system. Now, every new PSX emulator usually adheres to the PSEmuPRO plugin spec. :). You should download this one, just for trying it out, you may even like it!
Version: 1.021
Download: Binary
- First install this file , 1.21 Upgrade then run this one
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Name: EPSXE - Enhanced PSX Emulator
Description: The BEST Psx emulator for most people. If you have a TNT2 or GeForce based card, and a good sound card, well, this is the emulator for you! The graphics using EPSXE far surpass the graphics of the PSX and are a tad better than the DC if used on a good video card. Who needs bleemcast! when you got epsxe!
Version: 1.6.0
Download: Binary

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Name: FPSE - Freeware Playstation Emulator
Description: Well, this one deserves a spot on this page after all the hype that !+Mr.Fog+! and LDChen built up before it's release. It's not that great an Emu, but incase you have a Glide card(Voodoo), then you should get this one since it's works really well with Glide :).
Version: 0.09
Download: Binary

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