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Tomba! (PSX)
Uploaded by Xena

Tomba! puts you in the middle of a wildly colourful world, in the shoes of a wild jungle boy named (you guessed it..) Tomba, who sets out to find his lucky golden bracelet which was stolen by demon pigs who have taken over his land. At the least, Tomba! can be considered a platformer with a reasonable amount of adventure elements. Through his journey, Tomba can jump, throw and attack. The most rewarding part of the game however are the Sub Quests. On plenty of occasions Tomba is given a task which he must complete so as to pass through to the next area. Many of the tasks are simple however some of them will definitely take more time to accomplish and this is where the game actually scores over other platformers.

Control in Tomba is definitely very intuitive since there are various signposts in the game which show you how to pull off certain moves. Apart from the feel good controls, the colourful graphics really make it seem like a cheerful ride in the wilderness. Tomba is definitely one of the best platformers to grace the Sony Playstation, don't give yourself the chance to miss this one : )

Download Links:
Tomba File 01 [30MB]
Tomba File 02 [30MB]
Tomba File 03 [30MB]
Tomba File 04 [30MB]
Tomba File 05 [30MB]
Tomba File 06 [3.2MB]

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