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Revelations - Persona


Sometimes you just want to play an RPG that's set in modern times, right ? Well, Persona is just that, an RPG featuring regular teenagers who are out to save the world. (Or the city in this case..)

Humans have in this day and age conquered dimensional travel but ofcourse that means whatever is at the other end can safely walk through the door into our own dimension. A pretty big problem, no ? That's the essence of the story of Persona, but the presentation is pretty good.

Persona follows different game mechanics from traditional RPG's in the sense that you can actually sweet talk your way out of tight spots and avoid battles if you're good enough. Also, the lingo used in the game is very up-to-date with current day teen-speak.

In the end, I would say that Persona is a different kind of game. Definitely worth a shot for any RPG fan. The ingame mechanics are so different from a traditional RPG (which are usually set in medieval times..) that it feels almost refreshing to play this title.

Download Links:

Revelations:Persona File 01 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 02 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 03 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 04 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 05 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 06 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 07 [48MB]
Revelations:Persona File 08 [16MB]

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