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Grandia (U):

Grandia was first released for the Sega Saturn. A lunar style RPG with colourful 3D graphics and a great storyline. Sony kept up it's promise of bringing Grandia to the Playstation, and this is probably Game Arts greatest ever RPG. Grandia for the playstation transcends traditional role playing games and provides gamers with a new experience through it's intuitive battling system and immersive gameplay. It's one of those games that deserves to be played just for it's gameplay value.


Total File Size :: 848MB

Disc 01 [434MB]
Disc 02 [414MB]

Due to popular demand, I've split up the Grandia archive into smaller chunks so that it is easier for people to download them. Both the CD's are compressed into one RAR file which is spanning 17 parts. Each part is 50MB except for the 17th one which is 48MB.. Thus, those who were having connection problems can now use the segmented version instead. If you'd still like to just get each CD individually, the links above will always work for you, Enjoy : )

Grandia (PSX) File 01
Grandia (PSX) File 02
Grandia (PSX) File 03
Grandia (PSX) File 04
Grandia (PSX) File 05
Grandia (PSX) File 06
Grandia (PSX) File 07
Grandia (PSX) File 08
Grandia (PSX) File 09
Grandia (PSX) File 10
Grandia (PSX) File 11
Grandia (PSX) File 12
Grandia (PSX) File 13
Grandia (PSX) File 14
Grandia (PSX) File 15
Grandia (PSX) File 16
Grandia (PSX) File 17


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