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Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics was indeed a groundbreaking title for the Playstation. It is responsible for spawning an entire genre and generation of fantasy-RPG titles. Infact, the game was such a raging success that people till today swear by it's attributes and compare newer titles to this particular Playstation game.

Final Fantasy Tactics was uploaded to our servers by Josh. I'm sure that after you play this game you'll be sending huge "Thank You's" his way ; ).

Basically, you start out as a young noble involved in a war. You collect a team of differently skilled folks and start your quest. Every element of a war, modern and ancient has been integrated into this game. You'll find treachery, loyalty, love, hatred, weapons, armies, and well, you get the idea.

The story will keep you gripped and with the fast changing skill set of your team there never really is a dull moment in Final Fantasy Tactics. It truly is a tactical RPG capable of defining an entire genre.

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Final Fantasy Tactics [198MB]

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