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Game NameSystem
1 To Nil Soccer Manager (1992)(Wizard Games Of Scotland Ltd)DOS
1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo)DOS
100000 Pyramid (1988)(Basada)DOS
10th Frame (1986)(Access Software Inc)DOS
15x15 Picture Puzzle (1996)(Freeware)DOS
1830 Railroads And Robber Barons (1995)(Avalon Interactive)DOS
1869 (1992)(Max Design)DOS
20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision)DOS
221 B Baker St (1986)(Datasoft Inc)DOS
2400 Ad (1987)(Origin Systems Inc)DOS
3 Demon (1983)(Pc Research)DOS
3 Point Basketball (1994)(MVP Software)DOS
3D Nightmares (1996)(Visioneer)DOS
3d Ball Blaster (1992)(Dungeon Entertainment)DOS
3d Beauty Jessica Sewell (1994)(Playboy)(3d goggles)DOS
3d Body Adventure (1994)(Knowledge Adventure Levande Bocker)DOS
3d Construction Set 1 (1991)(Domark)DOS
3d Construction Set 2 (1992)(Domark)DOS
3d Cyber Blaster (1994)(Dungeon Entertainment)DOS
3d Cyberpuck (1995)(Dungeon Entertainment)DOS
3d Dinosaur Multimedia (1994)(Knowledge Adventure)DOS
3d Helicopter Simulator (1987)(Sierra Online)DOS
3d Helicopter Simulator 1.10 (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev)DOS
3d Table Sports (1995)(Time Warner Interactive)DOS
3d World Boxing (1992)(Simulmondo)DOS
4 Queens Computer Casino (1992)(Applications Plus)DOS
4d Boxing (1991)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev1)DOS
4d Boxing (1991)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev2)DOS
4d Boxing Deluxe (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)DOS
4d Prince Of Persia (1994)(Broderbund Software Inc)DOS
4d Sport Tennis (1990)(Mindscape Inc)DOS
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)DOS
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev)DOS
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev2)DOS
4th And Inches (1987)(Accolade)DOS
4x4 Offroad Racing (1988)(Epyx)DOS
5th Fleet (1994)(Avalon Interactive)DOS
688 Attack Sub (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)DOS
688 Attack Sub (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)DOS
7 Cities Of Gold (1993)(Ozark Softscape)DOS
7 Colors (1991)(Infogrames)DOS
7 Dni A 7 Noci (1994)(Pterodon Software)(C)DOS
8 Ball Deluxe 2 (1994)(Amtex)DOS
8088 Othello (1985)(Bayley)DOS
9 Poker (1996)(Softstar)DOS
A Dudley Dilemna (1989)(Lane Barrow)DOS
A IV Network$ (1995)(Infogrames)DOS
A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)DOS
A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)(Infocom)DOS
A Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)(Monarch Software)DOS
A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.0 (1989)(Monarch Software)DOS
A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)DOS
A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)DOS
A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean)DOS
A10 Tank Killer (1989)(Dynamix)DOS
A10 Tank Killer (1991)(Dynamix)DOS
A10 Tank Killer Enhanced (1989)(Dynamix)DOS
A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software)DOS
A320 Airbus European Mission Disk (1993)(Thalion)DOS
A320 Airbus USA Edition (1993)(Thalion)DOS
AH-3 ThunderStrike Air Assault (1995)(JVC)DOS
APBA Hockey (1993)(APBA Games)DOS
Aaargh (1988)(Arcadia)DOS
Abandoned Places A Time For Heroes (1992)(International Computer Entertainment Ltd)DOS
Abc Monday Night Football (1989)(Abc Interactive)DOS
Abc Wide World Of Sport Boxing (1991)(Data East Corporation)DOS
Absolut Vodka Virtual Museum (1994)(Absolut)DOS
Absolute Pinball (1996)(21st Century Entertainment)DOS
Absolute Zero (1996)(Domark)DOS
Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)DOS
Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)(Rev1)DOS
Accordion (1990)(Softdisk Publishing)DOS
Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker)DOS
Ace Of Aces (1987)(Accolade)DOS
Ace Of Aces 2 (1987)(Accolade)DOS
Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online)DOS
Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online)DOS
Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)DOS
Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1)DOS
Aces of the Pacific WWII 1946 (1992)(Dynamix)DOS
Acheton (1990)(Topologika)DOS
Acid Tetris (1998)(Jason Pimble)DOS
Ack Ack Attack (1996)(Kurt Dekker)DOS
Ackack (1995)(Plbm)DOS
Action Fighter (1986)(Firebird Software Ltd Kixx)DOS
Action Fighter (1994)(Chinese)DOS
Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software)DOS
Action Soccer (1995)(Ludi Media)DOS
Action Soccer (1995)(Ubisoft Entertainment)DOS
Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations)DOS
Action Super Cross (1993)(Ervin Horvath)DOS
Action Supercross (1998)(Bal)DOS
Activision Adventure Pack (1995)(Infocom)DOS
Actobots (1989)(Scott Emmons)DOS
Actua Soccer (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)DOS
Advanced Civilization (1995)(Microprose Software Inc)DOS
Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)(Futura)DOS
Advanced Dungeon and Dragons Volume III Plus II and I CD (1995)(SSI)DOS
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Blood and Magic (1996)(Interplay)DOS
Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)DOS
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