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The NeoGeo was one of the most popular arcade systems out there inspite of it's large price tag. The games designed for the NeoGeo pushed this second generation arcade system to it's limit. The NeoGeo shall always be remembered for great titles such as Metal Slug, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters and so many of Capcom's and SNK's mascots. The games have great graphics and sound and I recommend you use NeoRageX/WinKawaks to emulate the NeoGeo, grab an emulator and the BIOS and you'll be ready to kick some Geo! Thanks go out to mushindo for uploading this enormous collection of NeoGeo Roms to our server!

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name type desc size date description  zip 10.2 MB 20-12-10 World Heroes 2 Jet. Fighter  zip 10.0 MB 20-12-10 Galaxy Fight- Universal Warriors. Lackluster fighter.  zip 9.4 MB 20-12-10 Aggressors of Dark Kombat. One of the many and oh so similar fighters on NeoGeo.  zip 9.4 MB 20-12-10 Neo-Geo Cup 98. European football/soccer game.  zip 9.3 MB 20-12-10 Super Side Kicks 3. Nothing special football/soccer game  zip 8.9 MB 20-12-10 Double Dragon. Fighter.  zip 8.7 MB 20-12-10 Turf Masters. Average gold game.  zip 8.7 MB 20-12-10 Sonic Wings 3 Fun overhead shooter yet again :P  zip 8.5 MB 20-12-10 Breakers' Revenge. Sequel to Breakers. Nothing special.  zip 8.5 MB 20-12-10 Twinkle Star Sprites. Puzzle/shooter game. Give it a try to get a better idea.  zip 8.4 MB 20-12-10 World Heroes 2. Fighter  zip 8.1 MB 20-12-10 Puzzle Bobble 2/ Bust-a-move Again. If you don't know this game, get it now!  zip 8.1 MB 20-12-10 Quiz King of Fighters. Japanese quiz game  zip 8.1 MB 20-12-10 Neo Drift out. Fun rally racing game.  zip 8.0 MB 20-12-10 Magical Drop 3. Better than the second :)  zip 7.8 MB 20-12-10 Samurai Shodown. Acclaimed fighter.  zip 7.5 MB 20-12-10 Fatal Fury 2. Yep, same type fighter.  zip 7.1 MB 20-12-10 Decent Fighting Game, but ofcourse, the NeoGeo has better!  zip 6.8 MB 20-12-10 Pleasure Goal. Football/soccer game. Terrible to put it nicely.  zip 6.7 MB 20-12-10 Super Dodge Ball. Very fun game. Play with a friend!  zip 6.6 MB 20-12-10 Karnov's Revenge. Capcom sued over this fighter. Claimed too similar to Street Fighter  zip 6.5 MB 20-12-10 Top Hunter. Average Platformer game.  zip 6.4 MB 20-12-10 Super Side Kicks 2. Nothing special football/soccer game  zip 6.2 MB 20-12-10 Sengoku Denshou 2  zip 6.2 MB 20-12-10 First game in the Art of Fighting Series, Pretty good.  zip 5.9 MB 20-12-10 Neo Bomberman. Bomberman. Simply a must :D  zip 5.9 MB 20-12-10 Fight Fever. Gasp! Another fighter!  zip 5.8 MB 20-12-10 Tecmo World Soccer '96. Average football/soccer game.  zip 5.4 MB 20-12-10 King of the Monsters 2. Not as great as the first.  zip 5.4 MB 20-12-10 Captain Tomaday. Very weird shooter. Well worth a look.  zip 5.2 MB 20-12-10 Sonic Wings 2 Fun overhead shooter  zip 5.0 MB 20-12-10 Money Puzzle Exchanger. A puzzle game. Worth a try.  zip 4.9 MB 20-12-10 The Last Blade 2. Even better than the first some might say :P  zip 4.9 MB 20-12-10 Zed Blade. Standard Shooter.  zip 4.5 MB 20-12-10 Goal Goal Goal! European football. Also known as soccer to some.  zip 4.5 MB 20-12-10 World Heroes. Fighter  zip 4.4 MB 20-12-10 Street hoops. NBA Jam clone. Street Basketball.  zip 4.3 MB 20-12-10 The Irritating Maze. A puzzle game true to its name. Have no patience? Leave it be!  zip 4.1 MB 20-12-10 Chibi Marukochan Deluxe Quiz. You must know japanese if you are to get anywhere in it.  zip 3.8 MB 20-12-10 Fatal Fury. Fighter.  zip 3.8 MB 20-12-10 The Super Spy. Doom-like game. Worth a try.  zip 3.8 MB 20-12-10 Wind Jammers. Basically Pong with a frisbee  zip 3.8 MB 20-12-10 Viewpoint. Different type of shooter.  zip 3.8 MB 20-12-10 Spin Master. Been there, done that platformer.  zip 3.7 MB 20-12-10 King of the Monsters. Godzilla type brawler. Fun :)  zip 3.7 MB 20-12-10 Power Spikes 2. Volleyball game. lol....stay away from it ;)  zip 3.5 MB 20-12-10 Top Players Golf. Average golf game.  zip 3.5 MB 20-12-10 Mutation Nation. Sounds more exciting than it is. Basic sidescrolling fighter.  zip 3.5 MB 20-12-10 Syougi No Tatsujin - Master of Syougi. A puzzle/board game no one probably ever heard of.  zip 3.5 MB 20-12-10 Ghost Pilot. 1940 clone. Most people love it, or hate it.
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